Run Secured coming To Portland – Outdoor self-defense training for Women

On June 9th and 10th,  2023, Run Secured will offer five sessions of their Outdoor Personal Security (OPS) Course in Portland. The course is designed for women (14+) who exercise (run, walk, hike) alone outdoors and empowers participants to avoid, escape & survive assault scenarios.

The course was originally designed by a former CIA Officer for his wife who is passionate about running.  Unlike typical women’s self-defense classes, the OPS Course addresses the specific threats women solo exercising face.

Participants learn route planning & variation, how to tell if you’re being followed, leveraging help from a remote support person, presenting yourself as the hardest target possible, as well as fighting techniques.

The principles draw from the course developers’ experience & training in personal & physical security, surveillance detection, armed & unarmed combat, as well as survival.

Learn more & register at Course cost is $149. Choose from 1 of 5 sessions (3 hours).

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