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With the Oregon coast, being a quick drive from the majority of Oregon’s population centers, and so many amazing, rivers and lakes, it’s hard to compete with our state when it comes to seafood. So when we heard about Natural Catch which is firmly embedded with tuna, we knew we had to check it out.

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Over the past few years, my relationship with meat has changed. That’s not to say I won’t partake in eating the occasional red meat or chicken (especially when my wife is making the meals), but overall I find myself distancing from it. Honestly, this is not an ethical or moral stance – I just don’t find myself craving those much at all anymore.

However, the same cannot be said for fish. I am very confident I could be a vegetarian if it weren’t for my love of seafood and sushi. I’m definitely a pescatarian at heart.

As a two working parent family, we do appreciate convenience when it presents itself the right way. It would be amazing if we had all of our meals planned ahead and went shopping every few days to meet the need, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore with three kids. That means that sometimes my lunches (I still work from home) are quick handfuls of whatever we have in our pantry before another meeting calls.

So, the ability to have fresh tuna delivered right to your door seemed like something I could really get behind that. Tuna is healthy (when done right), quick, and easy to make a simple meal out of. With standard canned tuna, there are limited options to what you can make. You can either make a wet sandwich or add to pasta. Natural Catch Tuna makes it simple to make the fish a shining star of the meal.

Clearly, Natural Catch isn’t your mother’s tuna – a watery mushy mess of stink. Instead it comes in tins (similar to sardines, if you have seen those) filled with filets. They come packed in water or olive oil (high quaility OO from Spain!)- depending on your preference.

It packs all the good things that you want out of a meal. It is high in protein and Keto/ Paleo friendly if that’s your jam. It is also a healthy source of Omega-3s which has various health benefits.

Beyond the food, their method for sustainability is pretty great. Every can is sourced by Pole & Line Fishing Methods which is something that ensure tuna are caught one fish at a time. That means no big nets. Pole & Line Fishing helps ensure that animals like dolphins, sharks and turtles aren’t accidentally snagged.

As a fish lover, Natural Catch is really a wonderful option all the way around.


Many thanks to Natural Catch for sending us some samples!

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