Guest Post: RunCare Expanding Providers for a Running-focused Network of Support

Editor’s Note: While there are currently no RunCare providers in Oregon, there is a possibility that will soon change. Additionally, it can be nice to know who you may able to see if traveling for a race or runcation. Read on for more info.

As pervasive as “running will ruin your knees,” “take a break” seems to be the equally worn-out phrase doctors lean on when facing running injuries. But Dr. Kyle Bowling knows that one-size-fits all approach doesn’t have to be the case. His new endeavor, RunCare, looks to provide an easier way for runners to provide appropriate healthcare — would you be interested in more information?

After being in private practice for 10 years, Bowling — the owner of Kentucky Sports Clinic — has seen many patients come in after seeing multiple other doctors and therapists for injuries. “Sometimes, yes, stopping running entirely is necessary … but for shin splints or runner’s knee? I think of the time, money and unnecessary days off from running that people have to deal with visiting so many doctors,” he said.

People frequently ask him for recommendations for providers “who know runners” around the country — and RunCare is his way of developing that network.

The recently launched online platform is seeking for physical therapists, chiropractors, primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and mental health practitioners. Providers can submit their information on the RunCare site and will be listed on the site once approved.

For runners looking for care, it’s as easy as visiting the site and entering your zipcode to find the specialist you need. The service is free for runners seeking care — and Bowling intends for it to stay that way.

“You can have 100% confidence that they know you and the importance of running,” Bowling said. “Every runner needs a medical team of professionals who know the importance of daily training, exercise and lifestyle. The RunCare network offers a trusted source to find the specific and intentional care that a runner needs.”

At this time, there is no cost for providers to join. With the site now live, RunCare’s goal is to get as many qualified providers listed as possible. Providers can apply at

The guest post was submitted by RunCare.

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