Dress Like a Man: Two Touchdowns worth of Underwear reviews with BN3TH

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, know that I have a little bit of a “thing” for men’s underwear. In fact, there was a time where I was reviewing men’s underwear on a monthly (or even bi-weekly) basis for a bit. It’s been a while, but I am back with version 14 – featuring BN3TH.

Just when I think I don’t have anymore underwear to review, I get sucked back in. This post features a few types of underwear. Here’s a little intro to BN3TH:

BN3TH was formerly know as MyPakage and our patented MyPakage Pouch Technology remains the key to our uniquely supportive fit thanks to the first-ever 3-dimensional pouch.

I mean, even though I’ve tried out over two dozen different underwear companies, I am not really an “expert” in this realm. I will say though, that I think BN3TH does a dang good job at creating some soft and comfortable undergarments.

As men, I feel we are often times subjected to poor quality and uncomfortable clothes because we (typically) dislike shopping and are just fine with whatever is cheapest or whatever our significant other buys for us. This may not be as true in the running community, where we realize that it is difficult to run enjoyable and successful races in gear that is uncomfortable. Sadly, that’s probably the same for our underwear as well.

We tried two different types of boxer briefs -from their from their Pro Ionic+ and Merino collections. They are extremely comfortable and fit mostly true to size. The Pro Ionic+ is made to be breathable and moisture-wicking. This is due to the Ionic+ no stink technology – a permanent silver anti-odor system that kills smell.

They are also soft and keeps things cool with the MyPackage tech. They are also great to wear when working out.

The Merino Wool Boxer Brief looks and functions the same, but with a little different fabric construction (Merino Wool vs. Polyester).

As for colors, the styles are pretty awesome. I mean, there’s only two people in my life who will ever really see them, but I am a fan regardless.

BN3TH has a ton of great items – so stay tuned for an additional review on running tops, pants, and shorts!



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More about BN3TH:

We started BN3TH (pronounced “beneath”) in Vancouver, British Columbia to radically change how men think about underwear. No one is at their best when they’re shifting, adjusting or sweaty.


Thank you to BN3TH for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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