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Run Oregon loves running – that’s no surprise. But we also love the Pacific Northwest and all that it has to offer. Running is a part of us, but it does not fully define  us. In our “Make a Day of It” feature, we aim to showcase the non-running side of things that we feel our runners will enjoy. 

Whether you are coming in town to enjoy the Portland Marathon, or a local Oregonian hanging out in the Rose City, the Knot Springs Wellness Social Club is perfect to check out.

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First the Running:

We probably don’t need to spend a ton of time getting into good running spots nearby Knot Springs. With its prime location, the Waterfront Loop is the obvious place to start. If you think that you want to start or end a long run with a stop at the Springs, there are plenty of ways to expend your distance in the immediate location. You got this.

The Spot:

Knot Springs is wellness-themed social club most known for their soaking springs that overlooks the city and the Willamette River. They are really so much more than that (which we will touch on later), but I am not sure you could ask for a better place for recovery and relaxation after a run.

It is housed within The Yard – a visually eclectic apartment complex – located just on the East side of the river off of Burnside. I think if you are training or running the Portland Marathon – this provides the perfect opportunity to experience Knot Springs. However, any time you can make it in – we know you won’t regret it.

The Springs:

The Springs is truly something to behold.

A day pass (pending availability) will net you 90 minutes in this area – which includes Sauna, Steam, Hot Tubs, and Cold Plunge. While you could go and spend your whole time in just one of these, there is sort of a methodical recommendation to achieve ultimate rejuvenation.

Ten Steps to Relaxation:

We gave this process a go and, while three cold plunges are a part of nobody’s ideal afternoon, we really felt as if our bodies were thanking us for taking the time to get into relaxation mode. In fact, Knot Springs states that these are the perfect ways to increase circulation, reduce pain and boost immunity. And they don’t seem out of line on this.

The cleansing exfoliation shower is comprised of a custom salt scrub to get ride of all of the outward “blech” that you go through in your day.

The Tepidarium pool is set at just below body temperature (i.e. tepid) and remains calm and still in an effort to encourage your muscles to relax and unwind. The Caldarium – a 104 degree soaking pool with jets – is probably where most people desire to spend their entire time at The Springs. The bubbles are powerful and views of the city outside really lend itself to relaxation.

Now the fun begins.

Interspersed between three cold plunges (47 degrees!) come a session in the sauna and then to the steam shower. Cold plunges are…rough. But as athletes we know that ice – or icy cool baths – aids in recovery and getting the heart working. I can tell you it was definitely easier to commit to a cold plunge here than filling a tub with bags of ice at home. Barely.

Heading straight from that to the hot dry sauna, and then eventually to the steam shower (with amazing essential oils) was awesome. A return to the Tepidarium was followed up by just relaxing. We grabbed our Pendleton towels, sat outside on the veranda and just basked in how we felt. And we felt GOOD.

Movement and Wellness:

Though The Springs may be a top draw, there are other components to Knot Springs as well. Hop into some Movement Studio classes to keep your fitness on point. They have everything from Strength & Conditioning to HIIT to Cardio Dance and all kinds of yoga, barre, and pilates. Check out their full schedule here. Group fitness classes start at $29 or $79 if you include a Springs visit too.

Also, don’t neglect checking out the Wellness area for a foot rub (60 minutes OMG) or massage. Self-care is hugely important for runners, and enjoying glass of beer or wine while you get your moneymakers (in this case – your feet) taken care of sounds just amazing.


We absolutely were blown away with our time at Knot Springs. Our time in The Springs portion really got us feeling how amazing the ritual would be after a hard workout or long run. With the Portland Marathon making its return the past few years here – and hopefully continuing its positive trajectory in the marathon scene – this is one spot that needs to be on everyone’s list to experience. It would be an amazing post-race ritual and may even assist in better readying you for your 26.2’s during your training schedule.

Knot Springs



  • 33 NE 3rd Ave Suite 365 Portland, OR 97232

Days & Times:

  • Member Access: 6a-10p M-F, 8a-10p S-S
  • Public Hours: 8a-8p Daily

Membership Options:

  • Daytime (currently sold out)
    • $200
  • Any-Time (currently sold out)
    • $300
  • All-Time
    • $500
  • One Month
    • $500
  • Daily
    • Varies, but Springs is $59 for off-peak and $79 for peak

Phone & Email: 

More about the Knot Springs:

Here in Hawaii, hospitality doesn’t come with a stiff lip and white gloves. We think true Hawaiian hospitality is about treating your guests like they were part of your ohana. It’s this mindset that’s at the core of everything we do here. To create The Surfjack, we wanted to pay homage to the true soul of Waikiki, not the prefabricated version peddled to the masses.


Many thanks to the Knot Springs for allowing us to check out their property! Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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