First the Worst, Second the Same, Lastest Not Fastest is the name of the Game

Ever since Laz put on the backyard ultra, several race organizers have jumped into the game. One such group is Go Beyond, who has successfully created an amazing event in Bend called Lastest Not Fastest.

For those not familiar with backyard ultra events, often referred to as “last person standing” event, the goal is simple; don’t quit until everyone else does. Sounds easy right? For reference, last year’s winner (a good friend of mine) made it through 28 laps for a total of 126 miles.

Here’s how it works: You’ve got an hour to run 4.5 miles. That’s a 13:20 pace, if you take the entire hour. The quicker you do it, the more time you have to rest before you go again. At the start of every hour, everyone that made it in time lines up to do the next loop. You repeat it until there’s one runner left. You got this!

There are many neat features about this race, including having a start/finish line that is your permanent aid station every time you come through. Runners can go fully self-supported, or have their own crew there to help them. Also, the course is relatively flat, with less than 300 feet of gain per lap. Additionally, the course is not technical, and is very easy to run. Throw in the Central Oregon running weather in October and this is a true gem.

When: Saturday October 8th. Race starts at 8am and goes until there is one runner left.
Where: Tumalo Canal Trailhead
Cost/Register: $180. Register online at UltraSignup


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