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I had never heard of MANTRA Labs when I was sent their hydration product to test, but after learning about the company background and values, I’m impressed by their mission. 

MANTRA Labs was founded in Austin, TX in 2020. The company works to raise mental health awareness, and partners with organizations to create funding for better mental health services. In their own words, “there are two sides to health: physical and mental”. And so, every purchase you make supports mental health organizations.

But what about the products?

MANTRA Labs products are formulated for our busy modern lives. Yes, they provide hydration and fuel for training, but the focus seems to be on improving overall health and wellbeing by promoting better energy, endurance, recovery, focus, relaxation, and sleep.

The product line-up includes Hydrate (which we’re reviewing here), Rise, Go, and Rest. Ingredients are science-backed, natural, and suitable for vegan, paleo and keto diets, while also being free of gluten, soy, and sugar. Hydrate, Rise, and Go provide hydration and various benefits for energy, endurance and focus, while Rest promotes calm, relaxation, and better sleep.

I became interested in trying Hydrate when I noticed it includes ingredients such as prebiotic fiber and molybdenum, which I have previously used to heal my gut and improve digestion. My gut is sensitive, so this was a great sign! The proprietary MANTRA Super Hydration Electrolyte and Mineral Blend is based on a mix of oceanic electrolytes and marine minerals.

Hydrate comes in two flavors: fruit punch and lemonade. Instructions tell you to mix a serving of Hydrate in 12-24 oz of water. I would say a little goes a long way – mixed into 12 ounces, you’d better like your flavors zingy! My first taste of the fruit punch flavor was reminiscent of sour candy (think liquid Sour Patch Kids), but when I added more water the taste was a lot more pleasant. Though I should say, Hydrate is marketed as a hydration product for the whole family, so it’s perhaps fitting that my 11-year-old loved the stronger taste and really enjoyed his lemonade-flavored hydration boost. Know your tastebuds, and adjust the amount of water accordingly.

I found Hydrate to work well, and my sensitive gut tolerated it nicely. I tried it pre-workout and to hydrate throughout my day, and had no issues with it. I definitely needed to adjust the amount of water to my taste for a little less punch, but once I got that right it was easy sipping all day long.

MANTRA Labs is offering something a little new in the competitive hydration market – both with their products and with their mental health mission – and their drink mixes are well worth a look. And I, for one, am curious about the benefits of the Rest formulation for calm and sleep. We all know great sleep equals better recovery!


  • Hydrate: hydration for strength, energy, and focus. $34.99/30 servings
  • Rise: for endurance, focus, and overall health. $54.99/30 servings
  • Go: for energy, recovery, and vitamins. $54.99/30 servings
  • Rest: for calm, sleep, and waking refreshed. $54.99/30 servings
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