For Sprints or Endurance – Miler Running is a Solid Option

Is it just me, or do we all start running with a cotton shirt, graduate to whatever shirts we get at races, then eventually mature to a point where we actually seek out quality running shirts and apparel because they fit and feel better? No, just me? I think not.

Here’s the thing…most likely we all have more running shirts and apparel than we really need. But good quality running clothing is one of those things worth having. The shirt that hangs on your arms and shoulders just right. The shorts that don’t bunch, are lightweight, and don’t ride up. Arm sleeves that stay up. You know, the little things.

Miler Running was started in New York. And while they source their fabrics in Europe, they sew everything in New York City, with an eye on the urban running scene. Their name refers to the one-mile running specialist that is often thought of as speedy, kind of a thoroughbred. But their limited clothing line is so well made that you’re comfortable in them for many miles.

Recently, I had a chance to review their Base Running SS Tee, and their Base Running Arm Sleeves. Both items are in black, are super light, fit really well, and wear well. While I’m no miler – at least based on their definition, -I love to run vertical miles, so I enjoyed testing out both items on a recent hill repeat workout. On a 37 degree afternoon, once I got warmed up, I settled in to climbing in my shirt and arm sleeves. Gotta say, this shirt is darn comfy.

As I pushed through that first uphill mile, I quickly recognized the lightweight, comfortable feel of the shirt. Good fit, collar wears just right (not too tight), and very breathable (I definitely noticed it was 37 degrees out there).

I also took notice of the arm sleeves, which not only fit well, and stayed up, but also had the niftiest little pockets at the top of each arm. No, seriously. They’re about the perfect size to fit a gel in either side, or maybe a bar, or a car key. Regardless, I’m seeing a real winner for the future as I think about wearing these for longer trail races!

Ultimately, Miler makes some quality pieces, with a real eye for both function and fit. I was very impressed with everything about both pieces, and look forward to their future offerings.

Cost/Where to Buy:

  • Base Running SS Tee: $100.00
  • Base Running Arm Sleeves: $35.00

Both items are available on the Miler Running website.


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