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SAYSKY may not be a running company you have heard of before, but that is starting to change a little. This Denmark-based brand has been around since 2013 and tries to bridge the gap between performance and relaxation, opting to fill a gap for those who care about running, but are less interested in the rat race of fashion. Thus, they churn out items (that often sell out quickly) with items that are extremely functional and with their own distinct style (we have heard it called “urban-Scandinavian”), but not over the top and in your face “look at me!”.

Before getting into the review of these items, we thought we would talk a little bit about SAYSKY as a company.

Personally, when I think about Scandinavian design, my mind goes to Ikea. And when I think of Ikea (outside of the stress that is going to come from a non-handy person attempting to put together furniture), I think of a focus on essentials – straightforward designs on items we need and want the most. I think the same could be said about SAYSKY – seeming to have a focus on providing high function with top-notch quality on the items we runners desire without getting too much in the fray on the rest of the design and “keeping up with the Joneses (i.e. Nikes”).

SAYSKY is also committed to sustainability, and the items we received we shipped in compostable plastic that decomposes completely in just a few years. Their apparel is also designed to live on for a long time and not be a cheap one-and-done seasonal item that inevitably ends up in the landfill because it has lost its function. While they have seasonal gear (the stuff we tested is from their Autumn/Winter ’21 collection) the stuff within this collection seems relatively timeless and classic with just a little personal touch to it.

Hooded Pace Fleece

The unisex Hooded Pace Fleece is a sleek long-sleeve option that has been amazing over these past few weeks of bleak and cold runs. The waffle fleece fabric is both welcoming for comfort and heat, and I have yet to feel overheated while running in this – often a byproduct of cold-weather items.

The visuals are top notch – a streamlined black color scheme with solely a reflective logo on the sleeve (that is almost imperceptible during the day and a small label on the back to give it any stray from the dark tone. To state the obvious, but perhaps give it a bit more “oomph” – this is absolutely a RUNNING top. It feels (duh) like it was made with a runner in mind and not a mass-produced item that could be used for running.

The overall fit is slim, to assist with temperature regulation, but not compression-slim or restricting. I was honestly surprised by how much motion was still allowed with my fit being even perhaps a bit more snug thanks to holiday excess. It’s also super versatile in a running sphere as I have used it as both an outer layer and as a baselayer over my runs. It has the kangaroo pouch in the front (it is a “hoodie” after all) and I found the sleeves to be long enough to use the thumb hole openings – an issue I have been experiencing with my longer extremities lately.

Saysky Kit

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The hood is really top notch as well. The opening is more narrow than in a standard hood and provides heat to stay inside instead of escaping. During my inaugural voyage in the Hooded Pace Fleece, I decided to forego ear warmers…on a 27 degree morning. I was stunned that my ears were kept comfortable the entire time – no easy feat! It is also structured smart enough that wearing a headlamp for cold mornings is no issues. I was expecting the hood to perhaps block some of the light from my headlamp, but there were no issues there.


Blaze Pants

Whereas the Hooded Pace Fleece felt like a running top, the Blaze Pants almost feel like an amped up pair of casual joggers that got infused with a running gene. These pants are, again a theme in the Autumn/Winter ’21 collection, both comfortable and warm – perhaps due to the multi-layer design to them.

I will also say SAYSKY really nails the fit with these. The aren’t slim-fit but, like joggers, are more narrow from the knees to the ankles (though the ends are zipped so you can adjust accordingly to your desired level at the bottom). There is plenty of stretch in these as well.

As backstory, I have generally avoided pants when running as I have a hard time with getting them to stay in place. Perhaps it’s due to my receding “dad-butt”, but I often feel I have to tug at the waist every few minutes to keep them in place. As a result, I always wear a pair of compression shorts underneath – just in case…

The Blaze Pants were the first pair I think I have ever worn right out of the box and had them stay up the entire time. I was stunned. Perhaps it’s the fabric, or the design, or the soft elastic drawcord waistband – but whatever it is, I am on board for it.

As far as zipped pockets go, there are ample space in these – two on the sides and a smaller one on the back. The design is straightforward as well. Outside of a few reflective tags on the right thigh and left calf, they are a sleek black color through and through.

Overall, I am super impressed with our maiden voyage in SAYSKY gear. Their items are definitely an investment, but they are some of the most structurally sound and constructed items we have tried out. We have zero doubts that both the Hooded Pace Fleece and Blaze Pants will last us for many runs and many years to come. And at that time, when we haven’t needed to purchase new stuff over and over again, that investment really makes sense.



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Thank you to SAYSKY for providing us with some sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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