Is that a Massage Therapist in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to Knead Me? The ExoGun Pocket Brings Relief on the Go.

All bad puns aside, do you ever wish you had a massage therapist available whenever you needed? I sure do! But, since that isn’t an option for most of us, the next best thing is the ExoGun Pocket.

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This percussion massage device is amazing! I now always have it charged and sitting nearby for whenever my tight, sore muscles start talking. This massage gun can easily get into that deep muscle tissue with its high frequency vibrations. While the vibrations can be a bit intense initially, your muscles will thank you. There are many things I like about this device, but I’ll narrow it down to just 4 things.

**Note – this is the ExoGun DreamPro, NOT the ExoGun Pocket – which is smaller and more compact than the video shows. Both options are available at the ExoGun website.

1. Easy to use

The ExoGun Pocket is not complicated. After I charged my massage gun, I briefly looked over the instructions, chose the attachment that looked the least intimidating, selected the lowest speed, and began to massage some key muscles. It was that simple. I will recommend that you definitely start out on the lowest setting. From there you can adjust it according to your tolerance level and what muscles you are targeting. So far, some areas have needed to be on the lowest setting, while others have needed something a little more powerful. Even the lowest setting does a pretty good job at hitting the muscles hard without being too intense.

2. Convenient and versatile

No need to schedule your massage weeks in advance, just make sure you keep the gun charged and it will be ready whenever you need it. Depending on the target muscles and the intensity of massage you need, you have 4 different attachments to choose from. The attachments take just seconds to remove or install and you are on your way to muscle relief and recovery. While I prefer the balled attachment, I have tried the other 3 and they work great also. Honestly, I avoided the “bullet” attachment for awhile because it looks pretty scary. Surprisingly, it didn’t end up being the painful massage I imagined when used on my hips and lower back. Overall, I have found it convenient to spend a few minutes massaging key areas while sitting on the couch watching TV in the evening. This makes for more regular mini massage sessions for any sore, tight muscles. That’s a win in my book.

3. Quick and Handy

I haven’t had the need to spend extended time with the massage gun. The intensity of the vibrations allow for a deep massage quickly. In fact, only just a few minutes are necessary to really get things opened up at most on one area.. Although, if you have some extremely tight areas, you may find the need for more time (or maybe just more intensity) on those areas. This is also one of the smallest massage guns we have seen out there on the market. It fits basically in the palm of my hand and is much easier to lug around than some of the heavier and larger options out there. It’s perfect to toss in your running bag for some pre-and post-run relief.

4. Affordable

For the cost of several massage sessions, you can have the on-demand massage you wish for. While I am not recommending you neglect the benefits of seeing your massage therapist regularly, this is a great option for maintenance between massage appointments.

While the ExoGun Pocket is great for self-massage on some areas, it is a little tricky to get your entire back. I recommend having someone help you out with that for best results. Chronic back tightness is an ongoing issue of mine and my wife has been helping me out with the out of reach areas. I get the physical relief I need and she says it is way easier to use the massage gun then to try to loosen my tight back muscles with her hands only. The vibrations on your back can be a bit harsh at first when you are super tight and make you feel like your lungs are being shaken loose (ha!). But I feel that’s part of the process to be honest (I can always tell when I am super tensed up), but It is definitely a strange sensation that takes a little getting used to. Ease in slowly by starting with short sessions and low vibrations.

Overall, I am very pleased with the ExoGun Pocket. I will continue to use it regularly and I know it makes a difference in keeping my tight muscles at bay if I use it consistently and intentionally. It’s great for recovery after runs and workouts, as well! It is definitely my favorite new toy.

Get 10% off with custom discount code RUN10

ExoGun Pocket

(Get 10% off with custom discount code RUN10)
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  • Dimensions: 13.7 x 9.2 x 4.6 cm
  • Weight: 495 g
  • Stall force: 5 kg
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Stroke length: 5 mm
  • Motor: 12 V BLDC3816
  • Speeds: 4 speed levels
  • Expected Battery Life: Up to 10 hours at lowest speed


Thank you to ExoGun for providing us with a sample massage gun. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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