Go Beyond goes for Group Runs. First up – Astoria!

Go Beyond Racing is a fantastic race organization that puts on races all over the place, and is run by two very amazing people. Their races are always well attended, well organized, and a blast to be a part of. But did you know that Go Beyond is run by runners? Maybe you did, which is why it’s no surprise that they get out for runs just like the rest of us, and sometimes they like to explore. Especially to areas where they don’t have races.

Because of this, the fine people at Go Beyond decided to organize some group runs to places where they don’t have races! How rad is that?!

“These are free. They are not races. Routes are not marked with orange agility cones and there aren’t aid stations. There are no prizes for being fast, or last. But, there will be lots of laughter, some muddy or wet shoes, and full hearts and souls at the end. Each is simply an opportunity for the local running community to casually get together to go for a fun run, maybe in a place you’ve never been to, and then hang out for a bit afterwards.”


Sound like fun? I thought so, me too! Their first event is coming up next month, in Astoria. The run will take place on The Fort to Sea trail, which is a route that starts at Fort Clatsop and finishes at the beach. There will be an 11.5 mile out and back or a shorter 6 mile loop option. Afterward, you are invited to hang out at the Fort George Brewery & Public House.

This is an awesome opportunity to get in a great group run, possibly run somewhere you’ve never been, hang out with some cool people, and then hang out after your run. Hope to see you there! Also, check out their page for future runs following this one.

Date: Saturday, January 15, 2022
Time: 10:00 a.m. (about 2-hour drive from Portland)
Run Meet Location: Fort Clatsop, part of the  Lewis & Clark National Historic Park
Distances: 11.5 mile or 6-mile loop
Post Run Location: Fort George Brewery & Public House, Astoria

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