Race Preview: 2021 Lastest not Fastest

Image courtesy of the Go Beyond Racing website

The typical format of a race is essentially the same, regardless of distance. It consists of a start and finish line, separated by a set course that one must traverse on foot, as quickly as possible. The honor goes to those who finish the distance in as little time as possible. The Lastest not Fastest event, hosted by Go Beyond Racing at the Tumalo Canal Historic Area, is a horse of a different color. For those who are not familiar with idioms, it means they are using a mildly different format which could result in a winner you would not expect, and a lot of DNF results.

While the 4.5 mile course is a set loop on mostly flat trails, there is no award for the fastest runner. They give out special DNF awards to all but the last runner. This can happen because every runner must start the loop on the hour, every hour, until they can’t any more. The winner is the last person to complete a full loop within the hour time frame.

There is one stocked aid station at the start/finish area and you are able to bring any supplies you may need. However, you can’t be accompanied on the course and there is no exceptions to the rule about starting a loop on the hour.

Registration is currently open here. It closes on October 3rd and is currently $180.

The event is October 9th and there are two bib pick up options. The first is on Friday the 8th at Footzone in Bend, from 4-6:30 pm. The second is at the start location, Tumalo Canal Historic Area from 7-7:30 am. There will be a race briefing at 7:45 and the first wave starts at 8.

As a veteran of several multi day relays, this sounds rather appealing. No need to get cramped in a stinky van between legs when you can just stretch, eat a little food and hit the next leg a lot sooner than usual. The fact that it is located in a beautiful area of the state is ideal as well. The trick is to balance pace with rest and food intake, which would get more difficult as time goes on.


Lastest not Fastest Race

Date: Saturday, Oct 9th

Time: 8am

Location: Tumalo Canal Historic Area

Distance: Determined by individual participants

Cost: $180 here

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