The new Nathan Pinnacle Belt brings the storage and the hydration

Nathan is pretty well-known for their sports accessories, from hydration packs and belts to headlamps and reflective vests, and everything in between. So it should come as no shock to see they now have a new belt that features a quick-access bottle pocket on the back with a no-bounce compression system – the Pinnacle Belt.

Product/Items: Pinnacle Belt ($60)

Company: Nathan Sports

Product Specs (From website):

  • Gear Capacity: 0.5L
  • Material: 60% Polyester, 3% Spandex, 5% Nylon, 1% Rubber Wire
  • Liquid Capacity: 20 fl. oz.
  • Weight: 4 oz.

It has been a while since I had a new running pack, and Nathan Sports and their new Pinnacle Belt came at exactly the right time. My previous belt had held up admirably, but given the amount of washing (and de-stinking) it has gone through over the past few years, it was a little worse for wear. It was also pretty simple, which I generally appreciate, but also didn’t really include any options for hydration – forcing me on medium-longer runs to either forego it in favor of a pack or handheld, or just run shorter distances. Therefore the Pinnacle Belt is definitely an upgrade.Untitled

First things first, this is part of Nathan’s Spring 2021 hydration collection – The Pinnacle Series – which is designed to be 20% lighter and more breathable than any other Nathan pack. Within this series, there are vests in addition to this belt.

Katie Voigt, Nathan’s lead product designer, has taken all of the customer and athlete feedback from the past 6 years and used it to create the most thoroughly thought-out and innovative hydration pack on the market. The Pinnacle collection will be available as a 12L vest, 4L vest, and waist pack. These packs have new, thoughtful storage solutions, with the Pinnacle 12L vest featuring 13 total pockets.

The minimal weight was definitely noticeable. At first glance, the best looks pretty bulky (at least in comparison to a lot of bands out there), but was surprisingly light. Obviously the weight goes up when adding the 20oz soft flask, but that’s the case with any hydration system (until we invent helium water…). Speaking of the flask, it has a cool locking cap (that surprisingly hasn’t leaked yet – I always get this with soft options) and fits nicely in the back-center, foam-lined pocket. No jokes, I was expecting adding a soft flask to be uncomfortable on my back, but the padding is legit. Additionally, there are two side pockets and a zippered front – perfect for a phone or items with a need for added security.

I have used this on my runs over the past few weeks and can recommend that, if you purchase one, you give it a few test runs before needing it for a race or long run. It was mostly operator error, but it took me a run or two to fully get the hang of the compression tabs on either side of the waist pack. It’s a pretty awesome idea with the pulling of these tabs effectively tightening and compressing the soft flask as you drink down your water. At first, I weirdly couldn’t figure out how to pull the tabs correctly (it’s not hard – I was just overthinking it) and it led to my bottle falling out numerous times because I didn’t have it tight enough. After committing to sitting down and doing it a few times in my garage, it was no big deal – but make sure you have it understood before venturing out there to avoid frustration.


The fit is surprisingly snug and absolutely has stayed in place during my runs. This can sometimes be iffy with belts that don’t have a mechanism to tighten or loosen, but I felt that the sizing I selected was true and had no issues at all in this part. I will chalk a lot of that up to the small rubber dots that line a portion of the inside of the belt. Even this small strip has enough friction to keep things from sliding all over the place.


Overall, this has been a welcome piece to my running over the past few weeks and I see it playing a vital role moving forward. Good bye old belt – hello Nathan!

Thank you to NATHAN for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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