Back to Racing: A Run Oregon review of the 2021 Couve Clover Run

This time of year is always a favorite for my family. We are Irish, and fully celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The past year has been a rough one, for celebrations, in general. Usually, we all sign up for a St. Patrick’s themed race, and celebrate our heritage with a run. When I found out that The Couve Clover Run was in session and scheduled for a LIVE race, I immediately signed up. This would be my first LIVE race in a year and a half. To say I was excited, was definitely an understatement.
Since there was no packet pick up the day of the race, I ventured out to Vancouver to pick up my packet at the local Foot Traffic. They had a large enough time window for participants to pick up and not have to worry about too many people being there at once. When I arrived, there was only 3 people a head of me in line. The whole process took about 5 minutes. For those who have never raced in a Why Racing Event, they really have some amazing swag. Every participant was handed their bag filled with goodies. My favorite was the run sunglasses and my favorite running fuel.
Race day turned out to be a very beautiful day. While a little chilly at the start, it ended for the perfect temperature for runners. I signed up for the 10 miler. We were the first to the starting line. The race directors were very cautious and helped spread participants out for social distancing. Everyone wore masks at the start line and throughout the event. I felt very safe the entire time. 8 runners were allowed to start at every minute. It was so great to be spread out.
The course followed a paved path alongside the waterfront. It was gorgeous and was very flat. The race featured an out and back, with a few nice loops for the 10 miler participants. It was a very fast course, and I was shocked at how fast I was able to finish. The course was very well marked and had several volunteers throughout to direct runners where to go. There was also enough water stations for those that needed a drink.

*After the 10 miler race with my 5 year old

Once I crossed the finish line, I was greeted with cheers from a very enthusiastic MC. This is the best feeling in the world. I was handed a bag with more goodies, drinks, and a loaf of bread. I then walked around to cool down and watched some of the other finishers. Overall, this race was amazing. It was such a great start to racing live events again. The race directors did such a great job with keeping participants safe, while maintaining a fun event. I highly recommend running any race from Why Racing.
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