Run Oregon is Kickin’ It in the KO-Z Slide by Deckers Lab – SLIPPER x SNEAKER x RECOVERY


Deckers? Yeah, that’s probably not a company you have a lot of knowledge about. But before you pass up on reading more about them, you may recognize some of the names behind their creation:

“Jean-Luc Diard, Global VP of Innovation for Deckers, and his team are responsible for the creation of DeckersXLab. Jean-Luc has a lifetime of experience in the sport industry. For many years, he was the CEO of Salomon, a leading athletic equipment company, where he devised the brand’s design center and redefined its core identity. Shortly after, he founded a start-up called HOKA ONE ONE. It began with his desire as a runner to have better cushioning and stability through an oversized outsole. The company is now owned by Deckers Brands. Through his passion for outdoor sports, drive for innovation, and endless need for improvement, Jean-Luc started DeckersXLab on a path to change the footwear industry.”

See – maybe not so small time anymore. Even you may not be familiar with Deckers, their work with Saloman and current HOKA branding, they are obviously creating footwear with runners in mind in some capacity.


So what’s this Decker’s Lab?

“Creativity is the act of combining two things that nobody put together before. Craft perfects the seams in-between.  Done right, the combinational result is not addition. THIS+THAT = THISTHAT. THIS+THAT = SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW. New is why Deckers Lab exists. New must have its own place to fail until it succeeds. And to succeed, new must clear a new bar. New must be:


Look, first off this footwear isn’t necessarily for everyone. Personally, I LOVE having some unique footwear in my closet and I’m never one to shy away from something new, colorful, or innovative. So naturally, I LOOOOOOVE the look of the new KO-Z Slide – specifically in this color style. My wife on the other hand…not so much a fan. But to each their own!

The blue-orange slide has some style features that really make it pop. The colors are a little on the muted side – which was a great choice – with the blue almost falling along the blue/gray spectrum, and the orange going more “rusty” than “pumpkin”. Then the real knockout in my opinion is the details on the velcro straps. To me, I get a distinctly Southwest vibe to it and while it’s a small subtle design, it really brings the entirety of the slide together.

The KO-Z Slide comes with 4 color options. They are all pretty basic in nature – black-dark grey, light grey, and brown (with a camo outline), and the aforementioned blue-orange.


Comfort & Construction:

This isn’t new information, but those with high arches may do the same thing I do. I find it really uncomfortable to walk around barefoot or even in socks, even if it’s just my own home so I have to wear slippers around my house to feel comfortable. Given the amount that I run, I really need additional support at all times.

Last year was my first experience with Deckers Lab recovery footwear, and I think I may be a full-on convert (my wife may wish otherwise…). I said it in my previous post and I will say it again here –  I want nothing more than to live in these slides. Like the slipper version of these slide, they feel like a hug for your feet. The sole is soft and plush thanks to the five layers of foam, including ultra-soft memory foam on the top layer. The arch area is comprised of wool and gives a little more natural cushioning. Then, the top of the foot is also soft thanks to wool, and feels like gently being hugged by a bearskin rug. I’m practically gushing over here.


I can’t say it enough, I love these. I am pretty sure I actually squealed with delight when the package arrived.

But to cool myself down a little and get real – these are a wonderful melding of the function of a running shoe (it has a meta-rocker in it) and a sandal that actually has some real support (looking at you $1 Old Navy flip-flops). Even though I wear these pretty much all the time now, I think that they are a perfect option to slide into after a long-run or race to keep your feet happy and supported.

There really isn’t much more to say when it comes to recovery footwear and/or slippers. It has a great fit, luxurius feel, and given the fact that I just want to always wear them makes it a simple positive recommendation.

Deckers Lab has also donated $200,000 worth of their comfortable shoes to Sacramento County Public Health and their dedicated team of volunteers who began operating drive-thru COVID-19 testing at the Cal-Expo State Fairgrounds in mid-March. Icing on the cake right there.



Shoe & Price:

  • KO-Z Slide ($130)
    • Blue/Orange (review)
    • Brown
    • Dark Grey
    • Grey


  • Anatomic medium width performance running last
  • EcoTan Premium 10mm Twinface Sheepskin and Suede
  • 100% recycled polyester digitally printed webbing straps for adjustable, true-to-you foothold
  • Ergonomic PU footbed layered with memory foam and a premium perforated leather top sole with looped wool arch for optimal grip, gentle arch support and moisture management
  • Xponent+ Midsole featuring an extended squaretail rear and multilayer CM EVA Foam with gradient density bringing the softest cushion closest to your feet
  • Looped Wool: Mix of 80% natural wool, 20% recycled polyester
  • Ultralight and ultra-wide 3mm sponge rubber outsole with Meta-Rocker geometry
  • Underfoot Geometry: 126-95-100, 8mm drop, 17-25mm stack height

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