Tactical, Comfortable, and a Cyclist’s dream pants – LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants

The last few weeks haven’t proven the most ideal for wearing long pants. It seemed like Summer had been dragging its feet a little bit in arriving, but the warmer temperatures have since come on consistently. Though while pants aren’t necessarily the legwear of choice at the current moment, the LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants we recently received to review have been so comfortable and nice, we have been safely seeking out some cooler temperatures (looking at you Oregon Coast) because we just want to wear these all the time!


In all seriousness, the Flex Canvas pants aren’t solely for cooler temperatures. It’s not that difficult to see many people in Oregon meandering about in long pants all year long, and we feel that this pair fits in quite nice here in the PNW. Even though they seem like pretty straight forward pants, wearing them has uncovered that they are extremely versatile and have enough great qualities to wear in whatever setting you see yourself in. Want to go for a safe, socially-distanced hike? These have got you covered. Heading to a remote beach on an always-typical 62 degree day? These are perfect. Maybe planning to do a little rock climbing at Smith Rock? Pack these. Want to do a little cycling – in the backcountry or around town? These are up to the challenge.


LIVSN describes these pants as such (and we couldn’t agree more):

The point is to have one pair of pants that do more without looking tactical. We subtly integrated features like a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, zippered security pockets, discrete EDC pockets, roll-up leg system, ventilation, and reinforcements at all stress points.

When wearing around town, they look like a standard pair of pants – completely unnoticeable as anything other than casual bottoms that fit with any wardrobe and in nearly all social settings (do those still exist nowadays…?). But the real kicker is just all the technology that goes beyond some fabric stitched together. As listed above, there is flexibility and movement in the pants that are unlike many similar options. I was able to bend and move with ease without feeling constricted – something canvas pants aren’t necessarily that good at accomplishing.


Mesh seat and pockets

As a very casual biker, I experienced no issues on the few bike rides I took in these pants. But for those whose primary mode of transportation is on two wheels, the ability to have extra ventilation (thanks to a mesh seat liner and pockets), roll up legs (complete with tab&button and a reflective strip), as well as reinforced zipped pockets makes them almost an ideal pair.

I was pretty much blown away by these pants. They are an active PNW’ers dream – versatile enough to step into any situation you need.

The Flex Canvas Pants come in 4 colors: Olive, Brown, Caramel, and Black.



  • Flex Canvas Pants ($99)
    • EcoFlex Canvas is a 7.3oz duck canvas made from 58% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton / 40% Recycled Polyester / 2% spandex.

More about LIVSN:

Build durable and versatile outdoor clothing that encourages people to wear it more, keep it longer, and spend more time outdoors.

Sustainability through durability and versatility
Building long-lasting apparel is the most direct route to sustainable clothing.
A piece that fits well, works well, and lasts longer is less likely to be thrown in the landfill.

Do one thing well
Design one product at a time and continuously improve it.
Only create products that need to exist.
Design for decades, not seasons.

Intentional Minimalism
Live an experience filled life that prioritizes time outside with friends and family.
What you do own should bring joy, and more joy in taking care of it. Keep additive belongings that help you live an inspired life. Own less, live more. Keep what matters.

Hedonistic Sustainability
The concept that sustainability can and should be pleasurable.
A sustainable product shouldn’t sacrifice quality or performance.

Good corporate citizenship
Companies have obligations to their customers, stakeholders, and community to which they owe their existence. Community support and transparency are crucial for a company to stand the test of time.

Thank you to LIVSN for providing us with a review pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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