Review: Running Masks from Rabbit

Wearing a mask is the smart, kind thing to do – even while running. So recently we set out to try various masks specifically made for running. I got two masks from Rabbit, a California-based company that makes exceptional running clothes … and now masks. One of the masks, simply named the Rabbit Mask, is a contoured two-layer mask with an opening to insert a filter if desired. The other, an Adjustable Nose Bridge Mask, is an accordion-style mask that also has a filter slot. Both have adjustable loops to fit over your ears.

Rabbit Mask

Rabbit Mask I wore these masks on both cool days and hot days and found that it did a good job of absorbing sweat without getting heavy. The material is nice and soft (the inside of this particular pictured mask is a bright orange) and the trim used to finish the edges did not give me any chafing issues.

While running, it’s quick to put on and take off, although you can’t just pull it down and back up – you have to put it over the ears each time. I found that having a filter in the mask made it more comfortable – when breathing, the filter keeps the fabric from getting sucked in your mouth more. I also found that having the ear loops properly adjusted makes a big difference, because if you fit the mask smoothly over your face it’s more comfortable.

The Rabbit mask is available in a huge variety of fabrics; they are using the scrap material from the running shorts and tops they make and the choices are really fun. My favorite is the BluPinkDot-A; but I like that any of them can just be washed with your running gear and will quickly air dry. I should point out, of course, that these are not medical-grade masks; but they meet the guidelines set forth by the CDC for face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID19.  The masks are really, really soft and feel a bit like swimsuit material, and is very absorbent. They are priced at $15 each and $5 from each purchase is donated to World Central Kitchen.

Rabbit Adjustable Nose Bridge Mask

Rabbit Adjustable Nose Bridge MaskI have a few friends that I’ve been running with – socially-distanced, of course – and one of them wears glasses, so I gave her the Adjustable Nose Bridge Mask ($18) to test out. Anyone with glasses will tell you that wearing a mask creates the problem of fogged-up glasses, so having a rigid, adjustable bridge over the nose is a must-have – especially in a mask for running.

Parting with this mask was difficult because I love the look of it. The material is super lightweight and the translucent fabric over the bright orange makes for a really cool-looking mask. However, she runs as often as I do, and she wears glasses, so I gave it to her to get a review that could really address the benefits of the mask for runners with glasses.

Here’s what MacKenzie said: “I wore this mask while running and walking. I also wore it to work on a day that I worked both inside with the AC and outside in 90+ degree weather. I felt most comfortable wearing it while walking and working. It’s so lightweight that I sometimes would forget I was wearing it, and it felt cool on my face while working in the heat. The translucent layer that sits on top has a thin wire piece sewn in, and it helped to prevent my glasses from fogging up.”

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