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I’m pretty finicky when it comes to energy bars. I get tired of most bars pretty quickly, even ones that I liked initially. While I have tried a lot over time – there are just a handful that I find myself coming back to as I can be assured I am going to like them. Back when racing was an actual thing, I made a point of eating a bar or two before races in an attempt to avoid the dreaded “bonk”. Some are better than others, but there are always those that you sort of have to force down due to an uninviting taste, unpleasant texture, or just over “meh” blandness (or some combination of all three).

So imagine my surprise when I came across Mezcla and was instantly drawn to their flavors. I mean it isn’t every day you come across flavors in bars like Japanese Matcha Vanilla, Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter, and Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate. Those are some very cool combinations right there.

I wish we had know about Mezcla and featured them in our Kickstarter of the Week. They actually raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter so far just recently launched (July 11th) in 625 Walmart stores across the country.

I am not being hyperbolic when I state that these have been some of the most delicious protein bars I have had in a while. The flavors were unique, yet not weird – in fact they were quite delicious. They had an almost rice crispy-like texture to them and a satisfying crunch/chewy combination.

It may not be the most important part of an energy bar, but I really liked the artwork on the packaging. Turns out (via their Featured Art page) that there is some backstory to each – with featured artists from Japan, Peru, and Mexico each contributing a thoughtful piece on the outside to accompany the delicious piece inside. It makes sense for them to be focused on the art, as they are dedicated to giving 2% of profits to underserved schools in order to fund the vital art programs. They kicked their launch off by donating to the San Francisco Youth Art Exchange and the Art Activity Fund at Charlottesville High School.

Mezcla are also doing a lot of good in the world as well. They have donated 30% of their bars to hospitals and non-profits to help fuel doctors, nurses, and others saving lives and making a difference. They also contribute to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

It’s no wonder that Mezcla has sold out of almost 50 Walmart stores already. The combination of health, taste, AND a commitment to doing good in the world is a recipe for success.

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