No If’s, And’s, or But(t)s about it – the TP Kit is pretty great


Summer is officially here. I know, I don’t know how it happened either but there’s no denying it and if you’re itching for an adventure like I was, plan it, do it, go!

Even though it’s been a wild year so far, I was lucky enough to win the lottery earlier this year! Not for any financial winnings but for the chance to backpack the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. To camp on the trail, a permit is required and the permit system is lottery only; maybe it’s because of COVID or maybe because my proposed itinerary was still early-season but I “won” and would spend a few days around the 4th of July on the mountain, unplugged, working hard, and dirt-baggin’ it.

Timely, then, was the discovery of TP Kits! It’s exactly what you think it is. Individual-sized toilet paper / wet wipe combo packs perfect for the backcountry. There’s a lot to love about them and testing them out on this Wonderland undertaking did not disappoint.

Each individual kit contains 5 sheets of two-ply tissue and 2 individually wrapped wet wipes. The tissues are made from a cotton-blend fiber and are admittedly quite soft but plenty durable. Having 5 sheets per package plus 2 wipes, it was easy to make each package last at least two bathroom breaks.


The thing I love most about this product is that everything, even the packaging, is 100% biodegradable. That doesn’t mean you can just throw it on the ground and it’ll dissolve with the next rain (still remember to pack it in, pack it out!), but because the kits are individually packaged, you can feel better knowing the extra “trash” is made with the environment in mind. If you’re unable to throw the kit out right away, you have peace of mind with the resealable top and waterproof packet. The only downside about the kits that I’d like to mention is the rip-top to open. It could be sort of difficult and the material would stretch and wouldn’t make a clean rip. Because I had investigated this at home before the trip, I just cut them all with scissors before throwing them in the pack. It took no time at all and avoided creating trash (and potential frustration) on trail.

The kits are also incredibly lightweight. If you’re counting ounces, comparing TP Kits to wads of toilet paper, plus wet wipes, in a regular sandwich bag, there’s no contest. I took all 10 kits to Rainier for a 6 day trip (just in case).


You can buy the individual kits or a box of 10 right from their website. I still have a few packets left but I’ll definitely be stocking up to be ready to grab-and-go for the next adventure!

Company: TP Kits (Facebook | Instagram)

Products & Price:

  • 10-pack ($10)
  • Singles ($2)

More about TP Kits:

Dave and his two sons, Luke and Zach love the outdoors and head for the mountains whenever they can find time. Most times they were hauling their dirt bikes or even their horses. Dave the forever scout was always prepared with his little container of toilet paper on hand, but his boys Luke and Zach never packed any and would steal his, like they do with all his stuff. While out on a trail Dave headed into the woods for a little privacy, only to find that his sons had left him with an empty container!

After some shouted profanity and having to make do with whatever he could find, he came out mad and with an idea.

Prepackaged toilet paper, that you simply had to grab it, throw it in your pack and go, no preparation or forethought necessary, and even better lets include hand wipes! So with this idea in mind, he put Luke to work making it happen after many unfortunate situations and hours of field testing, TP kits became the reality they are today, the perfect companion for any adventure!

Thank you to TP Kits for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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