Race Preview: 2020 Rise Like a Phoenix 4m (Eugene)

Another day, another in-person (!) race to preview!

The Rise Like A Phoenix race, put on by Eclectic Edge Racing, is coming up on July 21st at Alton Baker Park in Eugene! This evening event is limited to 100 runners and will start at 6pm with a staggered start to allow for distancing. Here’s more info on the start:

  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 15-30 minutes prior to the start of your assigned wave.

  • Each “start wave” will include 1 runner staged at the starting line. Every 10 seconds, another runner will take off.

  • Runners will start the race based on bib number, in numerical order, starting with bib 1 and continuing through bib 100.

  • The course will not have any two-way traffic. Except for passing, participants should always remain on the far right-hand side of the pathway.  Participants passing one another on the course must adhere to “no drafting” rules which include being no closer than 10 feet behind or in front of, or 6 feet beside other competitors at any time.  Participants may pass only when there are not any oncoming runners approaching from the opposite direction.  Before passing participants must be sure they can safely remain 10 feet behind and then 10 feet in front of the participant being overtaken before merging back to the right-hand side of the pathway.

The evening start will allow anyone to plan time to make the trek if interested. You can also participate virtually and have the race packet materials mailed out to you if you desire as well.


  • Tuesday, July 21st, 2020
  • 6pm


  • Alton Baker Park in Eugene


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