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When I started running, it was through a slightly uncomfortable trial and error process that I learned what sustenance I could take in before and during a workout and what hit the spot after. Centered around my first marathons and the goals of longer workouts in the interest of getting stronger and gaining weight, it included simplistic offerings such as watermelon, gummy bears, m&ms, peanut butter toast and other random snacks.

A few years have passed, and there is now a plethora of nutritional aids available for the curious runner. I recently had a chance to sample the ATAQ Boosters in a few training situations to see how they measured up. For those with dietary restrictions, these are gluten, dairy and soy free, while also checking the vegan box. Each bottle is only 2 oz in size, so can be consumed in a quick drink. They do not need to be refrigerated, so it is easy to keep them on hand and easily accessible when desired. Containing only necessary ingredients, ATAQ does not add any preservatives, sweeteners, flavoring or coloring to their product. I was able to sample all three of their boosters below.

Pineapple: Power and endurance

From the ATAQ website:

  • S7® helps increase body’s nitric oxide production (research showed a 230% boost)
  • CurcuWin® helps to widen blood vessels and increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles, thus increase performance
  • Zynamite® extract helps to increase peak and sustained power output and faster reaction time
  • AstraGin® extract supports ATP production, the body’s energy for strenuous activity

My Review: The flavor in this was definitely carroty, with a hint of citrus. It caught me by surprise, but was easy to drink. This one was recommended to consume before increased activity, so I used it on a day I planned to do a tempo run, followed up with cross training. It was the ultimate litmus test for stomach distress, as there are few things my stomach will tolerate ten minutes before a run, especially at tempo pace. I had a good feeling about this product, due to the small serving size and lack of artificial additives and it paid off. I felt great and my stomach was not bothered at all. I was able to complete my tempo run in good time and undergo the cross training regimen feeling great and with no undue side effects.

Mango: Energy and Focus

From the ATAQ website:

  • AstraGin® extract supports ATP production, the body’s energy for strenuous activity
  • CurcuWin® helps to widen blood vessels and increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles, thus increase performance
  • Cognizin® mobilizes brain to focus, helps body with dopamine and noradrenaline production
  • Bioperine® (black pepper) is a thermo-nutrient and increases absorption of curcumin by 2000%

My Review: They recommended this version to be consumed during activity, but my habit is to avoid consumption of product during a run unless absolutely necessary. My concession was to take it after a longer run, immediately before a cross training session. With my format, I only have about ten to fifteen minutes between the two activities, with the cross training being about twenty to thirty minutes of near continuous exercise. I used it to bridge the gap between exercises and help complete the regimen. This one still have a carrot undertone to the flavor, with a hint of citrus and pepper. It was still easy to consume without any lasting aftertaste. I was able to put full effort into the cross training regimen with no side affects and great energy.

Lime Berry: Recovery and Immune

From the ATAQ website:

  • Wellmune® helps strengthen the immune system and reduces the severity and duration of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms
  • CurcuWin® extract helps with antiinflammatory benefits and nutrient absorption
  • Sun-Theanine® extract promotes relaxation and overall quality of sleep

My review: Though the flavor combination may sound a bit odd, this was my favorite of the offerings. I used it as a recovery drink, consuming it post workout with some water before breakfast. The drink is easy on the stomach and I was able to get on with the day after a rigorous morning.


The drinks are available  from the ATAQ website at the below costs of single flavor, or you can order a sampler pack including all 3 flavors for $23.99

  • 6 pack: $23.99
  • 12 pack: $42.99
  • 24 pack: $79.99

The ATAQ boosters are a great, low impact way to get that needed hit to the system when training hard. They provided a noticeable boost with no negative side effects and the lack of extra fillers are a huge bonus. Their small size makes it easy to add into the running bag and consume on the fly. While their benefits can be felt by runners of all speeds, I would definitely recommend them to runners in high intensity regimens.


Thank you to ATAQ for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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