Making running buddies – our newest four-legged friends

Cash, the Boston Terrier

This week a memory came up on my Facebook feed from ten years ago, “Just got back from a run with the neighbors yellow lab Zoey! She gave me a good workout!!!” This gave me great excitement as we got a new puppy only a week ago. In the last ten years I’ve had two dogs besides my new pup – one a Miniature Dachshund who recently pasted away from old age, and the other a Boston Terrier.  My Boston (Cash), has energy to spare and would love to run – he just isn’t any good at it. I’ve tried tried, but his short nose just won’t let him genetically run more than a mile or two, slooooowly.

About a week ago we ventured out and got ourselves a Doberman. My husband grew up with Dobermans and we know they also make good running partners. With the recent pandemic going on, we thought she would fit nicely into our family as someone is almost always home right now. My family also loves dogs and a puppy would bring joy to the whole family, including Cash who misses having another dog around to play with. We named the new pup Bella Joy and she is indeed bringing the whole family joy!

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Bella Joy

As Bella gets older I will leash train her and give her as much social time with other dogs and humans as possible. She will grow really fast the first ten months and will need the rest of her shots before heading out on the road with me. I am currently teaching online Barre workouts and she loves to be the center of attention while we are live. I thinks she’s practicing for when she hits the road and gets to interact publicly…lol! She’s a typical puppy, needing a great amount of attention and absolutely adorable.




Much like Julie, my family decided that this may be an opportune time to re-introduce a dog into the family. Since I am working from home, and my wife’s work schedule has dramatically changed, there is always someone around to take care of meeting a 6-week old puppy’s needs. Winston, our new Golden Retriever, is replacing (physically, not emotionally) our previous Golden who passed away almost exactly two years ago.

We have only had him about a week, but he is becoming more and more active as he becomes more comfortable. His little legs don’t always keep up with his energy, leading to a surprisingly elevated number of accidental somersaults, but I think he may have the running gene in him. We have done some short walks up and down the sidewalk, and he tries hard but ultimately has to talk a lot of laying-down breaks.

I have never really had a dog I have run with. Our previous Golden had some hip issues that didn’t allow for any significant running opportunities, so I’d love it if we can get to the point with Winston where we can get in 2-3 miles. Until then, we will just continue to play tug-of-war and hound him so he doesn’t pee inside. Baby steps!

We’re curious, who else got or is planning on getting a new pet during this difficult time? We would love to see a photo and hear your training tips if you have any.

Making a dog into a a runner: 

  • Full set of shots
  • Leash training to start now in the back yard
  • Lots of social training with humans and other animals
  • Planned sniff walk-by with friends’ animals
  • Vet approval before taking for a run
  • Walk / Run intervals as we work up mileage


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