Run Oregon Virtual Race Series: Tualatin Hills Nature Park

The Tualatin Hills Nature Park Virtual Time Trial is the second course posted; the first was the Portland Waterfront Loop Virtual Time Trial. Here is the course map. This 7.76 easy run begins at Lowami Hart Woods Park off of Hart Road in Beaverton where you'll find a port-a-potty and parking. This is an easy out and back with plenty of stoplights to give you a little break, though I usually get pretty lucky with the lights. I love this stretch for recovery days since you can't get any flatter than this loop. Some days I'll use the lights for intervals and go for speed. I mostly run this stretch for the Nature Park.

The stretch in the park is relatively short, but it’s so worth it. I always look forward to the 2+ peaceful miles in this loop and, for me, it’s perfect to have it in the middle. I’m warmed up and my mind starts to wander a little bit, this stretch gives me time to focus on the what really matters in life and takes my mind off the workout I run this stretch all year long and it’s so fun to see the seasons along this route. Besides the beauty, the nature park has a flushing bathroom and a water fountain, so this is a great area to incorporate into a long run. I’ve seen all sorts of wildlife in here, fun chalk art on the pavement at times and running celebrities, since it’s close to Nike. Check out the close-in, convenient loop on map my run.

Here is how to participate in Run Oregon’s Virtual Race Time Trials:

Run Oregon has created virtual, free “time trials” in areas around Oregon, along with a form through which you can submit your times. Use it to compare times to friends (and competitors), or track your own progress – we will create “awards periods” with some time windows where we’ll do prizes for things like fastest time, most improved time, or most miles run on the loop.

Then, once you’ve run, log your time here. You can also find the time log at any time from the “Virtual Time Trials” link on the Run Oregon home page, where we’ll add new courses as they come up. We’ll occasionally post results  with your name and time, unless you check the box to keep your name private (then we’ll just use your initials). We might also post aggregate age group and gender results, but without names. Your email address will never be posted.

Keep checking out our Run Oregon Virtual Time Trial for routes in other areas and for other distances. As always, if you have a great route you’d like us to review and potentially add to our line-up, be sure to let us know (and include a public link to the map). Before you send your route in, though, make sure it’s a safe route with no road crossings (or any road crossings are safe for pedestrians and easy to see cars coming as you approach).

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