What Run Oregon Is Wearing: Everyday Injinji Toe Socks

It’s no secret that wearing cheaply made socks usually means paying a price later, whether that’s discomfort, a blister, or a hole requiring you to toss the pair in the trash and start all over again.

Ininji makes high quality socks with individual cubbies for each toe. Toe socks may look a bit silly and they do take a bit of finagling to get each toe in its right place, but the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the short-term effort. Toe socks help prevent blisters and they absorb more moisture, which means toe socks can also help avert the dreaded athletes foot. Slight toe separation can also help with alignment, plus it feels like your feet are wearing soft little gloves, which is a surprisingly delightful sensation.

Not only are these socks good for your feet, but they are also good for the environment. The fabric is made from upcycled cotton containing recycled cotton and post-consumer plastic bottles.

I tested the Everyday Lightweight Hidden Upcycled Cotton socks for casual everyday wear. Each pair is $11, and the socks are soft and light. The low profile is not seen under shoes, making it easy to style, or (when Oregon’s rainy season finally ends) a way to even out the tan lines across your ankles. The heel contains a small silicon grip, so the socks did not fall down or bunch in my shoes while walking around and running errands. Injinji also makes socks in a variety of heights and thicknesses specifically engineered for running, hiking, or snow, so there are toe socks for virtually every occasion.

The socks run a bit small, so I suggest sizing up. I typically wear an 8.5 or 9 so I ordered a M (which claims to be good for women’s sizes 9 to 11.5). They felt a bit tight (not in a compression sock kind of way, more in a “I see seam indentations on my feet when I take these off” kind of way).

We only get two feet, so as runners it behooves us to treat them well. Injinji socks are high quality and comfortable, with a design made to improve the health of your feet while helping the environment. If you are curious about the benefits of toe socks for either everyday wear or athletic use while running, Injinji socks are an easy way to, uh, dip your toes in and put your best foot forward.

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