Kickstarter of the Week Revisited: A review of the Origin Headlamp by Eukarya

A few weeks ago, we highlighted Eukarya’s Kickstarter campaign for their Origin Headlamp, a light source designed with high quality renewable materials (a real wood body, recycled aluminum frame), minimal plastics, and a rechargeable battery. I was in desperate need of a new headlamp as more and more of my runs were leaking into darkness, and a product with a committment to minimal environmental impact helped seal the deal and made a campaign contribution an easy decision.

Since that time, the funds were met in the Kickstarter and Eukarya is off and running in fulfilling their orders. We were lucky enough to grab one of the first models off the line and have already put it through some tests. It may be a little pricier than other headlamps on the market, but I can almost guarantee that you aren’t going to get one that has as much of a desire to provide not only a functional, but environmentally conscious, piece of equipment. The Eukarya team even plants a tree with every purchase..

There are two color options – a forest green band with a cherry wood body and a maroon band with zebra wood body (I opted for the latter). It’s a good looking item and it fit great right out of the box.


  • Brightness: 300 lumens at maximum brightness
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
  • Modes: High, Low, Strobe
  • Positioning: 50 degree downward tilt adjustment

I have taken this on about a half-dozen runs so far and it’s holding up great – even in some really wet conditions. The brightness was on point and the ability to tilt to meet my visibility needs was perfect. While some parts of my neighborhood are relatively well-lit, there are a few sections that seem to always trip me up – literally. On one specific stretch, there is a long, dark sidewalk stretch that always seems to have branches strewn across it. My first run with the Origin was also the first time in a while that I haven’t gotten entangled or stumbled through some debris (not to mention puddles). Success!

The rechargeable battery has also held up (as obviously expected). I can get about 4+ hours of charge when it’s on the brightest setting and when on the lower setting it lasts much longer. It seems to charge up in 1-2 hours – which is impressive

In addition to using for running, it was also ideal for a major attic overhaul a week ago. It would also be an obvious great addition to your hiking pack.

Overall, I am pumped that I have this in my possession now. It makes the morning runs a little less concerning and I feel good that this is a well-made and ethically-constructed running item. I’m on board!

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More about Eukarya:

One summer afternoon in 2018, we were busily stuffing the usual assortment of flashy plastic gear into a pack as we prepped for an epic 3-day loop route through the Yosemite High Country, when an epiphany struck.  Shouldn’t the gear we proudly sport into the wilderness embrace, rather than clash with, the natural beauty of those places? And what if we could reduce environmental waste in those places in the process?

We got into this gear game just like you, as nature-loving adventurists who appreciate the freshest innovations in outdoor gear, but also give a damn about protecting the places we love.  It’s a tricky business balancing those consumerist habits and environmentalist values, but we’re diving in head first to build a brand where they don’t conflict with one another.  Our goal is to design and build awesome gear that you can feel good about owning and wearing into the outdoors.

And so Eukarya was born…

Eukarya is a California based outdoor equipment brand specializing in design using renewable and sustainable materials. All products are designed and hand assembled in the USA.


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