Race Preview: Eugene Multi Sport Adventure 5k Run/15k Bike/10 Shot Golf

The 2019 Eugene Multi Sport Adventure, brought to you by Eclectic Edge Racing, is coming up soon on October 27th. This event has a 5k run, a 15k bike ride, and even some golf (10 shots to be exact.) All the events start at 10a at the Eclectic Edge Racing Offices in Eugene, OR.

Do this one by yourself, as a member of a two-person team, or as a three-person operation. There are many combinations you could do these events in a team or individually.  Combine the run with the bike, the run with the golf, or even run twice with the bike between the runs. So many options!!

The golf component of the race, if you choose to do it, will be considered your final “leg” of the event. The field across from Eclectic Edge Racing’s office will be your range and you’ll be given a bucket of 10 golf balls with your bib number on them. You can either use the golf clubs provided (9 irons and wedges,) or bring your own. You will lob all 10 balls toward a 30 ft diameter flagged circle 50 yards away. Every ball that lands in the flagged circle will earn you a 1 minute deduction to your final event time. A marshal will be present in protective gear and will raise a flag whenever a ball lands in the circle. During breaks in the game, the marshal will collect balls and report times to the finish line. Check out the golf range layout here.

The 5k course will be an out-and-back on the Fern Ridge Bike Path. Check out the printable course map here. The 15k bike route will have two out and back sections, also on the Fern Ridge Bike Path and you can check that out here. Transition maps can also be found on the website.

The cost of the event is only $30 for individuals, $50 for a two person team, and $70 for a three person team. The cost will increase $5 per person on race day. Timing, refreshments, awards, and random prizes will be covered by that registration fee. Shirts are also available for $12 through October 16th.


What: 2019 Eugene Multi Sport Adventure 5k Run/15k Bike/10 Shot Golf

When: Sunday, October 27th, 2019 at 10a

Where: Eclectic Edge Racing Offices (750 Commercial Street – Eugene, Oregon 97402)

Cost: $30 for individuals, $50 for two person team, $70 for three person team. Add $5 per person on race day.

Register: Here or Printable Entry Form here.

Packet Pick-Up: Race day from 8:45AM to 9:45AM​

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