Getting Gorgeous: Preparing for the September 15 Gorgeous Relay

A team at Vista House from the Gorgeous Relay website. This is leg 8.

If you’re a regular reader of Run Oregon, you know we really like the Gorgeous Series. Their one-day relays and free pub runs are a ton of fun because they’re kept small (so they’re not crowded) and the courses are beautiful and challenging. It helps that the owners, Kerry and Traci, have proven themselves time and time again by putting on great events, and they’re just great people.

There was a time when I was all about the overnight relay. It was a time long, long ago, before I had kids. Before I was 35 (I’m 40 now). And before I actually had a lawn to mow on weekends. But now I’m the biggest fan of one-day relays and do them whenever I can. Next on the schedule is the Gorgeous Relay on Sunday, September 15, and the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrunning (GLOW) are ready to go!

The relay starts at Viento State Park in the Columbia River Gorge and travels 50 miles to Von Ebert Brewing at Glendoveer in NE Portland.

Views from Leg 1. Captains get first pick on the legs; you know that, right?

There are 12 legs, so most teams are made up of 3, 4, or 6 people. There are a few hard-core teams of 2 and some solo runners, as well. Our team has 6 badass ladies on it, and we are, for the first time, dressing up. Our theme is based on the Netflix show GLOW, which stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Think, “WWE mixed with 1986 Madonna, but runners.” I’ve got an “orange creamsicle” leotard, some rainbow leopard-print leggings, and a pink tutu. Nikki’s going the pink route, and Lisette, who will do the entire team’s make-up, has an iridescent visor and plans that involve multiple pairs of legwarmers.

Check out the overall route, the leg maps and elevation charts, and photos of most legs online here. Teams of 5-6 can sign up for $750, teams of 3-4 are $500, teams of 2 are $200, and solo runners (50-milers) can register for $125. See all the options and get signed up online here. We hope to run into you on the course!


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