Race Preview: 2019 Waldo 100K Trail Run (Eugene) – SOLD OUT || Lottery for 2020 Race will be in February

The first way to know that an ultra-marathon is not going to be easy: it’s an ultra-marathon. The second way is when the overview online includes this message: “It is not a beginner-level ultra and participation in the race should not be taken lightly.” And the third way is when the race organizers have a page dedicated to “How to avoid getting lost.”

Welcome to the Waldo 100K.

The 2019 event is already filled (lottery sign ups were in February), so this preview is a chance to learn about an adventure in the Pacific Northwest and possible challenge for your 2020 race calendar. The event begins at 5am at Willamette Pass Ski Area (participants worried about the 16 hour cut-off can begin at 3am). The course is primarily single-track trail and will include multiple mountains along the way: Fuji, The Twins, and Maiden Peak. There are also multiple opportunities to view Waldo Lake. The finish line is back at Willamette Pass; only finishers before 9pm will receive a running hat. The finish line, and post-race food and beer, will continue until the last runner and volunteer come in.

This ultra is a challenging one to get into and to finish. Runners must have completed at least one trail 50K, or longer, within two years to participate. And there are cut-offs at three of the aid stations to ensure that runners and volunteers are able to make it safely home. But making it back to the finish line will be rewarded in multiple ways. There are awards for the first female and male runner to reach the summit of Fuji Mountain and finish (aka Find Waldo), the runner who swims in the most lakes and finishes (Wet Waldo), and the runner who is voted best costume by aid station volunteers (Show Us Your Waldo).

Run hard, play hard. That’s the ultra-life.

Waldo 100K Trail Run (Eugene)
When: Saturday, August 17 at 5am
Where: Willamette Ski Pass Area (Highway 58, Crescent OR, 97733)
Register: Lottery for 2020 Race will be in February 2020.
Packet Pick-Up: Friday August 16 4:30-9pm and Race Morning starting at 2:30am at the Lodge
Cost: $165 (2019 event is full)

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