Preview: The Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay

Less than a month remains until the 2019 Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay, hosted by our friends at the Gorgeous Run Series. Their one-day relays are fun and known for offering amazing views, sometimes on less-traveled trails. They have a dedicated following, in part because the more of their relays you run each year, the bigger discounts you get on registration. This year’s Pub Relay is on Saturday, May 18, with the first teams starting at 11a from Vagabond Brewing in SE PDX.

When this year’s Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay fell on a day when I had minimum commitments, I started recruiting a team. Six amazing women are able to take part on the Run Oregon team, and we’re all doing our part to practice. (Translation: running and then enjoying local beers.)

This is how it works:

  1. Captains sign up their team, and then each team member registers using their team name and password. NOTE: The last day to sign up and get your t-shirt size is Sunday, April 28. Registration is still open here, so get crackin!
  2. Captains pick up their team’s shirts/goodies on May 11 afternoon meeting, where they’re also given the option to sign up for additional Gorgeous Relays at a discount.
  3. On race day (May 18), teams will meet at Vagabond Brewing, located at 2715 SE 8th Ave in Portland. They’ll get a map to the next checkpoint, and the lead runner will take off while their teammates will drive to the next place. Where there will be beer. NOTE: Don’t drink and drive. Have a designated driver, either someone on your team or a friend to help out with driving duties.
  4. At the 2nd bar, the drivers will get the map to the next checkpoint. And so on, for a total of 26 miles and finishing back up at Vagabond. (This is as much a scavenger hunt as it is a relay.)

As a one-day relay where each team member runs just once, this is a minimal-planning, maximum-fun event. Each team (except solo runners) are asked to provide a volunteer or sponsor one; these volunteers will be at “tricky” course locations to keep people on course. As this is not run on a closed course, participants need to follow all traffic rules and obey crosswalks, signals, and in general be super safe.

And as a beer relay, feel free to have fun! Decorate your vehicle, dress in costume, and come prepared to have a great time with your team and other teams! I have found that there’s a certain type of runner who does beer relays. Combine that “type” with the type of runner who loves the Gorgeous Series, and you’re bound to make a few new friends and have a blast.

I will see you out there on May 18!

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