Race Preview: 2019 Roseburg to Coos Bay Relay

Relays are a great way to share your love for running with some of your fastest or most fun friends. Whether for competitive reasons or just to have a great time, long-distance relays throw a little different challenge at participates that seen in your typical road race. Coordination, team-work and working well under pressure are keys to a successful and enjoyable event.

The Roseburg to Coos Bay Relay is a 67-mile race that is run by a team of 5. There is also a 23-mile walking event for teams of 4 as well. As with larger relay events, the staggered start (based on predicted finishing times) helps to keep the event less crowded for the safety and enjoyment of all involved. The first start will begin at 6 am (the teams with the longer predicted running times). For the run event, the start is at the KPIC-TV parking lot, and the walk event start is in Laverne Park.

On race day, each team will get a map, and will be responsible for navigating for their own runners. There are minimal markings along the course, so prepare and plan before and as you go. Another great way to ensure team success and fun, is to bring plenty of water, food, and any other running supplies you need to keep moving forward. There are a few places with port-o-potties along the course, but if the timing isn’t right, make sure you are courteous when relieving yourself in non-potty locals.

Not only is this event put on by the South Coast Running Club a great time, it also raises money for an even better cause. The proceeds form the relay go to benefit Camp Millennium which helps provide kids with cancer opportunities for outdoor recreation.

“Who says running is a lonely sport?”

One important registration note, there is no same-day registration and all registration must be fulfilled on-line. The team captain will be the person to register, and pay, for a whole team. The rest of the teammates will then go in and register individually, and select their particular team from an existing drop down menu. This is where you can add your individual/team predicted times to ensure an appropriate start time.


Date: April 27th, 2019

Start Time: 67-Mile @ 6:00 am, 23-Mile @ 8:00 am

Register: Run Signup

Price: 67-Mile $300, 23-Mile $200

Location: 655 W Umpqua St, Roseburg, OR 97471

Facebook Event Page


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