Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: JD-Backstretch Counter Clockwise

This week for our SSOTW we are going to McMinnville and running around some ball fields. Superstar runner Lauren Fleshman holds the women’s CR for this 1.27-mile segment with a 9:22, run in July 2018, and Jerry Nance has the men’s CR with a time of 7:50. It’s got a few little rollers and seems to be a popular spot to run in McMinnville, with more than 760 attempts by 150 people. Check out the JD-Backstretch Counter Clockwise and see if you can fit it in your run schedule!

From the Run Oregon Strava Club, as of today, only ONE of our runners has run this segment so he OWNS the leaderboard. His 11:00 time from December 2017 earns him superstar status in our book. Join the Run Oregon Strava Club if you’re tracking your runs with the app!

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