Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: Race the River Trail 3/4 (Dallas)

Apparently, there are a ton of Ryan Gosling running memes. If you don’t know who Ryan Gosling is, he’s an actor from a lot of films like La La Land and is known as quite the heartthrob. So this is a thing, now.

Let’s go to the lovely town of Dallas today, where Run Oregon’s own Julie Mullins holds the course record for today’s Strava Segment of the Week: Race the River Trail 3/4. This is an 0.66-mile segment on a path alongside Rickreall Creek. It starts across SE Lacreole Drive from the Dallas Aquatic Center and runs east along the creek. It’s an overall downhill segment, with some tiny little inclines. It’s been tried by only 64 people, but it’s popular with those folks, as the total attempts on this segment sits currently at 616.

Julie’s time on this segment is 4:55, which she recorded in May 2018. The men’s CR holder is ERic Forbes, who ran it in 4:04 in July 2016.

If you are on Strava, be sure to join the Run Oregon Strava Club. It’s totally free (you can upgrade to a premium Strava membership, but basic access is free) and just one fun way to engage with others and even connect with running buddies. There are now 281 members in the Run Oregon Strava Club, and local runner/race director Steve Walters (the Cook Park Marathon, Operation Jack Run, and others) led the mileage leaderboard last week with 120 miles. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Dan Chapman, Jasan Hardrath, Andrew Nelson, Jeremy Yamada, Ben Stanley, Drew Roberts, Chris Scheaffer, Lynn Runswithdogs, and Lisa K, who all did a long run last week of at least 20 miles! Great work!

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