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As runners, we always love to try new running gear. rabbit makes clothing by runners for runners, so both Tung and I were eager to try out some of their running wear.

rabbit Women’s super sleevie

I had the opportunity to try out rabbit’s super sleevie and capreeze. The look of the super sleevie took me back to my childhood when the cotton baseball sleeves were the look many of us sported regularly.  I wasn’t so sure how that would be for running, but I was pleasantly surprised. The shirt was fitted, but not tight and had slightly longer sleeves with thumb holes. I wore the shirt for several cooler fall morning runs, and it was great to have the thumb holes so that I could pull my sleeves down over my hands during the first part of my run while I was still cool. Even though this shirt is fairly thin, it kept me quite warm. In fact, warmer than I expected!

The body of this shirt is made from 87% polyester and 13% spandex, while the sleeves are made from 86% Tencel and 14% polyester. This combination keeps it light and quick-drying, while making it a great layer for cool fall runs. The super sleevie has held up well to several washes in cold water without changing its shape or size. This will definitely be my go-to layer over the next few months of cooler weather.

rabbit capreeze

Most notably, the rabbit capreeze are comfortable. The tights are true to size and the snug fit ensured that the tights did not ride up or sag down. They moved with me whether I was on the run or doing a workout. As, most running tights do, these have a zipper pocket on the back of the waistband. But, unlike most tights, there are also 2 small hidden pockets in the front of the waistband. These front pockets are the right size for a gel or other smaller items that you may want to carry on the run. Around the knees and calves is a high tech rabbit KNIT fabric that allows for extra ventilation behind the knees and a bit of whimsy, as it is covered with little rabbits. The rest of the pant is a 78% poly/22% spandex combination for movement, wicking, and comfort.

The only negative for me with the capreeze is the “capri breeze” color. The light color makes your mid-run sweat quite visible, so if you wish to mask that sweaty look you may want to select a darker color like the “eclipse/gold fusion.” Other than that, the rabbit capreeze are great for any activity, including a lazy evening curled up on the couch with a bag of Doritos – if you are so inclined, because these tights are comfortable enough for literally anything.

strong sleeves


I got to try the strong sleeves long sleeve tech shirt, which as you can see had slightly more sedate coloring than the super sleevie that Annette tested. I had to wait a few weeks before I managed to go running in this shirt, because the early fall weather was still too warm to wear long sleeves for running in the mid-mornings or afternoons (my typical running times). However, when there happened to be one of those days that was just cool enough to wear more than a T-shirt for the day (without the body heat generated from running), I decided to put it on as athleisure wear. Whoa, it felt so comfortable! It quickly became one of those rare shirts that, as soon as it comes out of the dryer, jumps to the top of my “to be worn” list.

Eventually, however, the weather cooled down more to my liking (i.e., overcast, 50s, maybe some drizzle), and I finally got to go running in the strong sleeves. I tested the shirt first on a cool mid-morning with drizzle, and a second time on an overcast mid-morning with temperatures in the high 40s. The fit, as I noted earlier, is quite comfortable. Because the weather was cool, I didn’t sweat a lot, so moisture wicking was not a high priority (but that would tend to be the case with long sleeve tech shirts). The big issue for late fall/winter running apparel is temperature regulation. The usual advice for cold weather running is to dress as if it’s 10 degrees warmer, because you will warm up during the run. That makes sense, but it makes for a cold start to a run. The strong sleeves shirt managed to bridge the mid-40s to mid-50s temperature range without causing me to feel like I was overheating; I felt a little cool at the beginning, ideally comfortable for most of the run, and only a little warm at the end. It’s a perfect running shirt for fall in the Pacific Northwest! (Now, please excuse me while I go do the laundry. My strong sleeves is waiting to be washed….)

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At rabbit, we believe in ethical, sustainable manufacturing. That means that all of our running apparel is manufactured in Los Angeles, just 100 miles south of our home in Santa Barbara. This gives us access to advanced manufacturing facilities while allowing us to keep a close eye on all aspects of production.

When we want to make something new, we don’t have to ship samples back and forth to Asia or try to do design by video conference. No, we just drive down to the factory and talk to the people who make the product. It works really well. Most importantly, we know for sure that all of our apparel is made in conditions we approve of by workers who are treated well and fairly.

We make running apparel that we want to wear, and we do it in a way that we can feel good about. That’s the rabbit difference.

Thank you to rabbit for providing us with some sample running apparel. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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