Take a Hike…in Camp Socks from Mountain Standard

I’ve been wandering around in the two varieties of wool-blend socks from Mountain Standard in the last two weeks and I’m loving them! They are great wardrobe additions, not only for the outdoor gear rotation, but for every day wear as well.

The mid-weight Camp Socks are 56% merino wool, 41% nylon, and 3% spandex – translating to soft feeling socks that are quick drying and warm. These have a great amount of padding (without feeling bulky, like you’re wearing two extra pairs of socks!), as well as a nice support in the arch. Admittedly, I have been wearing these more with my casual, tall fall boots around the office and love that, even after many cycles in the washer and dryer (gasp!), they’ve maintained their shape, softness, and snug cuff to prevent falling down. The only downside I can see is the lack of color options! The current style is an olive green with bright orange/red heel, toe, and cuff. At $14/pair, they are a competitive option for quality cushioned hiking socks.

The lightweight Utility Socks are 53% merino wool, 40% nylon, and 7% spandex and are every bit as robust as the Camp Socks, but not as tall and slightly thinner. I love the black and gray color of these socks – they match more of my outdoor gear – and again are quick drying, super soft, and have a nice arch support. These are a great deal at $12/pair!

Another feature of both of these socks that is worth noting is the seamless toe cap. It’s a thoughtful detail that’s appreciated by those who spend countless hours on their feet and in their shoes, whether that’s in the backcountry, around town, at the office, traveling, or otherwise living life.

If you follow the links above, you can get a pair from the company’s website directly, or they are also sold at REI in Portland or Tualatin.

The company, Mountain Standard, is based in Colorado and has other clothes, hats, camping gear, and backpacking food. You can check them out on Facebook or Instagram for more info (or inspiration)!


Thank you to Mountain Standard for providing us with sample socks. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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