The Jacuzzi Boys will Attempt to Break the 100 × 1 Mile World Record in Portland on June 2

We are less than two weeks from the day on which 100 runners will take to the track at PCC Sylvania and together, try to log 100 miles at an average pace of 4:34/mile.

The current world record for this effort is 7 hours, 35 minutes, and 55 seconds. It was recorded by The Canadian Milers Athletics Club from Toronto, and the Oregon-based Jacuzzi Boys are going to try and break it.

You may recognize the name “Jacuzzi Boys” – they’re a group of runners that put together competitive cross country teams each fall, and many of them race throughout the year. They’re a fun group that runs fast, because it’s fun, and because they can.

For this attempt, organizer Gilbert Grundy has been assembling 100 fast milers. Some of these runners can run a sub-4 mile, so there is some wiggle room. While most runners will be around the target average, some of the runners will not be much under 5:00/mile. Each runner starts when the one before them crosses the finish, so there’s no overlap, and each runs only one mile.

Read more about it from this February article (I couldn’t find any updates) by The Athletic Community. If/when we find out more details, we will post them on facebook so you can go watch, if you’d like!

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