Kegs & Legs Partnership: Oregon Brewery Running Series & Heathen (Drink Vantucky Pale Ale and Mojito Sour at the race on May 5th!)


I love beer. After now having visited over 390 different breweries, it’s fair to say I have sampled a lot of beer (follow me on Untappd). From post-race pints and run club meeting locations, to beer miles and relays, running and the kegged nectar seem to go hand-in-hand in Oregon. Our Kegs and Legs feature is where beer cider drinking runners like me can go to find some new favorite beverages. Check out previous posts here!

Coming up THIS WEEKEND, is race number 6 of the 2018 Oregon Brewery Running Series – held at Heathen Brewing in Vancouver. We thought it would be fitting to showcase some on the week leading up to the event to know what will be on tap! This week’s beers are Vantucky Pale Ale – a staple in their lineup – and Mojito Sour Ale – a core beer, but from their Feral series.

Here are some highlights from our race preview:

Spring has sprung and those perfect days for running are coming more often. What’s even better than a fun run outside with friends is a celebratory beer as a reward, and the Oregon Brewery Running Series is a great way to make that happen. Come out to the Heathen Brewing 5k Fun Run in Vancouver, WA for a run, jog, walk, or crawl on May 5th at 11:00AM and stay for the beer, live music, food, and giveaways after!

As with all the Oregon Brewery Running Series races, this a non-timed 5k-ish fun run. Streets will not be closed, so the route will be along sidewalks, through parks, and along trails. Please do obey the general rules of the roads so everyone stays safe. Also, please plan to arrive about 30 minutes before the race to get checked in, and don’t forget your ID! You’ll need it to enjoy a tasty beverage at the end, as all participants 21 and over will get a craft beer, a collectors pint glass, and some sort of seasonal swag item! There will be no bag check for this race and it will happen rain or shine, so come prepared!!


What: 2018 Oregon Brewery Running Series – Heathen Brewing
When: Saturday, May 5th, 2018 11:00AM
Where: Heathen Brewing (1109 Washington Street, Vancouver, WA.)
Register: Here
Registration Cost: $30 without shirt, $40 with shirt.

As I mentioned in my previous Kegs and Legs feature on Heathen’s MegaMint, I remember back when Vancouver was just a little “podunk” town across the river that attached themselves to Portland without really even being in the same state. While the city has grown over the years, their Vantucky Pale Ale is named after those times – when Vancouver was seen as a backwoods, country bumpkin town.

The beer itself pours coppery and the nose is really nice – fruity, yet earthy. It definitely isn’t an IPA, but I almost didn’t feel it was a pale either – it seemed like a middle ground between the two. It’s not too bitter and is a very nice and lighter beer that would do well after a 5k.

Their Mojito Sour Ale is a sour beer lover’s dream. On the sour “spectrum”, I found it up near the top. HOwever, this is one of the more unique sours around and truly tastes like a minty and limey mojito! I have had this in both bottle at home and on draft in the Heathen Taproom. While both were great, I felt that the freshness of this beer on draft made it even better and know it would be a wonderful post-race beer on a warm spring or summer afternoon.

Don’t forget to register for the 5k. Heathen’s new-ish patio seats up to 200, which should make for an awesome post-race experience. The course is also great (see map above) and features a route with some of Vancouver’s best areas! Even if you aren’t a beer drinker, Oregon Brewery Running Series events are so much fun regardless. And since it’s at Heathen, they brew their own Heathen Root Beer, so you can re-hydrate that way if you wish!


Brewery: Heathen Brewing (Facebook)

  • Feral Public House – 1109 Washington Street Vancouver, WA 
  • Production Brewery – 5612 NE 119th Street Vancouver, WA 
  • Heathen Estate Winery – 9400 NE 134th St Vancouver, WA 
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