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Hump Day Happy Hour: Full Sail’s Grab ‘n’ Go-Go variety pack

I don’t know about you, but I have a relatively diverse beer palate. While I generally gravitate towards IPA’s, I seem to go in waves with other stylings depending on the season. I also really like to try new beers that I haven’t had before. Full Sail Brewing, a Hood River brewery that most beer drinkers are aware of, recently released their new Grab ‘n’ Go-Go variety pack late last month, which features a dozen cans split between 4 different types.

I think this is a very good mix of diverse beers for the warm months ahead.

The Amber Ale, is Full Sail’s flagship and Oregon’s original amber – no variety box would be complete without this in it. I’m not a huge amber drinker myself, but I recognize the deliciousness in this one. If you are grabbing a box of beer like this one, my guess is you will have more than a few friends who prefer this style and you can do much (much!) worse than Full Sail. The can looks dope as well.

I found the Citrus Maxima to be refreshing and great for warm spring and summer days. I would have preferred just a tad more citrus, but it’s a nice and balanced pale ale nonetheless.  It’s got a some orange and grapefruit notes in it, giving it a tropical nose and taste. This is a really sold pale.

I’m also not a huge wheat ale drinker, but when paired nicely with some unique citrus, I can definitely get behind it. Full Sail’s Blood Orange Wheat Ale is a very tasty and refreshing wheat beer that seems to desire the focal point to be the orange. This is quite a nice mixture – not super overpowering with the fruit, but still enough that I could have easily picked out the flavor even if I was unaware of the name. It goes down smooth and is another great option to have in a cooler or fridge for a warm day.

My go-to beer styling is the IPA. I have sampled MANY in this styling, but this was my first try of Full Sail’s Airstream IPA. I call it a winner, both in taste and in the amazingly awesome can artwork.

This unfiltered NW IPA is super easy-drinking, a 4.8 ABV concoction with only 35 IBU’s (i.e. not very bitter). It’s smooth out of the can and goes down easy.

This variety pack has three of each of these beers and is an admirable mix stylings, making any palate quenchable. These will now be available year round.



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