What Run Oregon is Wearing: Buff Pro Run Cap and UV Multi-Functional Headwear

While you may think all running caps are created equal, BUFF just might prove you wrong. While the Women’s Pro Run Cap may look typical, it is surprisingly lightweight. It is so lightweight, I was actually worried about it flying off of my head while on the run. Fortunately, the adjustable sizing made for a snug fit and kept it in place. It also felt quite comfortable. The light breathable fabric helps prevent the “hot head syndrome” that other running caps can create, as well. I have worn it on the run several times and it is becoming my favorite spring-time running cap. It works great for rainy days that are getting a bit warmer. And, if you wear a cap to keep the sun out of your eyes in the summer, I would definitely recommend this lighter, cooler cap.

Women’s Pro Run Cap, R-City Jungle

The Women’s Pro Run Caps also come in some fun designs and colors or you can go with just a standard solid black if you prefer. Either way, you’re sure to appreciate the fashion and function of these running caps. I know I do!

UV Buff in Irised

Mindy: Buffs are such a great running accessory, especially when trying to avoid certain elements such as wind, dust, and sun. This multi-functional headwear piece can be worn around your neck, or even on your head. It wicked away moisture during long runs and dried very quickly. It even blocks up to 95% of UV rays. It was ultra comfortable and the design was seamless. I also love the look. It comes in a variety of different colors and designs. I definitely recommend this multi-function headwear. I am so excited to have this as a part of my running wardrobe, especially to take on hikes and some of the dustier/ hot course runs.

UV multifunctional headwear delivers all the functionality of the Original Buff multifunctional headwear, but then then adds built-in-sun protection that blocks up to 95% of UV rays. It has the same great moisture-wicking qualities and I found that it dries pretty quick. A Polygiene treatment is added to the headwear in an attmpt to resist odors (i.e. less grossness AND less washing).

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It all began in 1991 on a bike. Charged with a passion for motorcycles, our founder, Joan Rojas, sought to find a solution to keep his neck and head protected on his cross-country rides. Plucking from his knowledge of tubular knitting, he churned out the first BUFF® head wear product, focusing on supreme craftsmanship, and tested it as he traveled the length of the Pyrenees. BUFF® , short for bufanda, which means “scarf” in Spanish, was born. Partnering with superior manufacturers of raw materials, over the past 25 years, BUFF® has premiered and innovated the tubular head wear category. Our company-owned factory, which is located downstairs of our headquarters in Spain, allows us to ensure that, start to finish, excellence is built into every product. Today, just as then, BUFF® head wear is a product built on this ethos of quality; it’s in the marrow of our company. Technology has progressed and the industry of textiles has moved into a new age, and we have evolved with it. While we incorporate state-of-the-art fabric technologies, like COOLMAX® and Polygeine®, into our products, we stick to our heritage of quality and reliability. It’s these time-tested qualities that athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from an array of sports depend on, and why BUFF® is the original multi-functional head wear.

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