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Challenge Yourself: A Run Oregon Review of the Fun Run Box

 Subscriptions boxes of every imaginable theme are available today. But, something about the Fun Run Box piqued my interest. I just had to try it! And I’m glad I did. It definitely did not disappoint. I received a box from the Challenge Series with the theme of Crush A 5K. For a small box it was surprisingly packed with good stuff. My box included the challenge guide, an Urban Gear LED headlamp, a GymBoss interval timer, a package of Sport Beans, a Goodwipes sample, a package of Protes (protein chips), and 2 packets of Bolero Advanced Hydration powder.

I was pretty excited about my haul, but I was most excited about the GymBoss – even though I already have a couple. I love my interval timers, so I was super excited to have the newest version. All the other items were pretty exciting, too. Although, I have to admit the Protes are not something I would ever try again.

The challenge guide was well-organized and easy to understand.  First, you were to run a practice 5K and then record your time. Next you moved on to the challenge. This challenge included 2 main parts: Intervals and Core. These were set up on a 4 week calendar, with 3 levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Since I am in the midst of training for a half marathon, I tweaked things a little and combined the Intermediate and Advanced calendars so that I could work with my current training plan. That proved to be a little complicated. I would recommend just choosing one option. Regardless of level, the weekly schedule consisted of 2 days of running given intervals (using the GymBoss timer,) and 2 days of core exercises (provided in the guide) for a specific amount of time.

One of the Challenge Boxes offered by Fun Run Box

I workout regularly, so I figured I’d just add in the Core workout at the end of my regular workout. I mean, it was just 5 minutes of exercises the first week. No big deal, right?  Actually, it was a bigger deal than I thought. I was admittedly sore the next day! Maybe doubling up wasn’t ideal.

I’m a big fan of challenges and this one is a good challenge. It encourages interval work – which is so good for my running and yet tends to be the first thing I quit doing when trying to balance everything. I appreciate the challenge to do intervals regularly. As for the Core portion of the challenge, since I’m already including full body strength workouts in my weekly schedule, it was a bit redundant for me. But if you aren’t doing anything outside of running, it is a good addition, even though it is somewhat limited.

Despite enjoying this challenge, I found I was struggling to balance the challenge of increasing my mileage for my half marathon training and completing this Crush a 5K Challenge. I love to be challenged, but I was becoming overwhelmed. So, I have decided to put this challenge on hold until after my half. Even though I hated making that decision, I knew I would enjoy the challenge much more when it could be my main focus. I will definitely pull this one out in late spring/summer and see what I can do with my 5K time.

If you are stuck in a rut and need to challenge yourself or just mix things up a little, I would definitely recommend trying out the Challenge Series Boxes. The Challenge Series is 7 boxes. 6 different monthly challenges and a 7th box that includes a finisher shirt and medal ($45/month.)  Or you have the option of choosing a Monthly Challenge Box that will include a challenge and gear ($36.99.) Both of these options include access to the private Facebook group and online app. Either way, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Fun Run Box packs a lot into one little box and will challenge you as well.

Fun Run Box


Company: Fun Run Box

Products and Prices: Challenge Series Boxes – $45/mo
Monthly Challenge Box – $36.99 ($35.14 with a subscription)
Mini Box – $17

More About Fun Run Box:

If you’ve ever struggled with sticking to a running routine or were afraid to get started because, hey, what the heck is a ‘fartlek’ anyway!? We can help. Fun Run Box brings you monthly challenges where we tell you exactly what workouts to perform for the month. You’ll do some running and mix in a little core and cross-training. We provide the challenge, the guidance, and a social group for instant support.

Thank you to Fun Run Box for providing us with a sample box. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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