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Run Oregon Test Kitchen: House of Webster Beer Jelly

If you haven’t heard of the House of Webster, you should check it out. Its catalog has a little bit of everything for foodies and so many things I want to try.  Syrups, salsas, cheeses, meats, coffee, jams, jellies, pickled items, barbecue sauces, butters, candies and  gift packs to name a few.  What I did try was a six pack of their craft beer jelly. I had never thought of a beer-flavored jelly, so this was intriguing. I not a huge beer drinker, but I thought I’d give it a try.

The jelly assortment came in an assortment pack of different craft beer flavors: Strawberry IPA, Belgian Wheat Orange, Coffee Stout, Summer Saison Raspberry, Snake Bite American Pale Ale, and Triple Ale Peach Chipotle. These jellies are made with real beer. It is jelly with a bit of a tang. You can definitely taste the beer, but it is not overwhelming. Whether you use it on toast or as a glaze for meat, it’s definitely gives a unique flavor and great conversation starter.

This would make a perfect gift for your favorite beer lover.  A six pack of craft beer jelly costs $30.00, which is pretty reasonable when you take into account the size of the jars. Or buy the set for yourself, keep a jar or two and use the rest as stocking stuffers. Check out the other great gift packs offered on House of Webster’s website, you are sure to find something unique for someone on your list.

Company: House of Webster

Product: 6 Pack Craft Beer Jelly ($30)


Here in the Ozarks we do thing a little differently.  We found a delicious way to blend local craft beer and our award winning jellies for a unique, unexpected and unforgettable selection of flavors. Go ahead, try something new and join us “Into the Wild”.Our 6-packs includes (Six 1/2 pints):

  • Snake Bite: A straight-beer jelly, made with locally-brewed American Pale Ale. It is a crystal-clear jelly with the freshest hops-flower savor.
  • Bear Claw: Imperial Pale Ale was originally made by the British for their expatriates to India. It is made using a lot of hops and still carries the flavors of the oak barrels in which in is stored. We added strawberry to its original floral note create a complex and fruity jelly.
  • Fox Head: Made with a lot of wheat, Belgian Beer is very lightly bitter – we added orange to complement its crisp and fruity flavor.
  • Hog’s Breath: Don’t let the name fool you!  Made in summer, the Season ale is lightly hopped and accented with raspberries. It is a sweet jelly!
  • Green Head: Cream Stout is a rich dark Ale that we infused with locally roasted Onyx coffee, for a rich flavor enhanced with figs.
  • T-Rex: We take the famous 3-times brewed Trippel ale, add filtered peach puree and combine it with Chipotle peppers. The smoked ripe red Jalapenos transform the tame flavor into a fierce sweet and hot jelly, than can be used on toast as well as a savory condiment.


Thank you to House of Webster for providing us with a sample box. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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