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As any serious runner should be, I am selective about my running shoes. There have been times I’ve found myself in the wrong shoes and as a result I’ve had foot injuries, so I am sometimes hesitant to try brands different than the ones I’ve found comfort with. That being said, I’ve always wanted to try Hoka One One shoes. I know a lot of runners love them and the materialistic side of me likes the look, so when I had the chance to review a the women’s Hoka One Mach, I was really excited.

The Mach is a descendent of  the award-winning Clayton, and it’s got the same benefits that make the Clayton such a stellar shoe. Maximum cushion is hard to achieve in such a lightweight shoe, but the Mach meets the challenge. There’s a dual density PROFLY midsole which helps with landing and toe off, and full RMAT outsole which makes the shoe durable and responsive. There’s also a breathable mesh upper, which I felt almost immediately when I put on the shoes for the first time.

Another trait in Hoka that make them different than other shoes is the meta-rocker, otherwise known as “wheels for your feet.” There’s a low heel-toe drop, a shape to the midsole that’s distinctive to Hoka, and the signature cushioning which will all favor a runner’s gait cycle. Hoka also has an active foot frame that cradles the heel and foot deeply into the midsole rather than sitting on top, and the result is a less constrictive shoe.

The shoes arrived at my home in the color combo of Bluebird/White and they immediately felt different than my usual running shoes. After only a few minutes of just walking around in them, I could tell I was going to love them. Cursed with a wide toebed but a narrow foot, I often feel limited in my choices in running shoes. The toe box on the Hoka One One Mach felt great and not constrictive at all like some shoes do. The seamless upper sure helps as well, and the cushioning in the midsole was noticeably substantial but not overpowering or heavy.

Test run in my new Hokas!

I’ve taken the shoes out for several mid-distance runs as well as for some speed work and an exercise class. I barely noticed I was wearing them, which is always the mark of a good running shoe for me. My left pinkie toe sometimes gets a little irritated in my other running shoes, but I didn’t experience that with the Hokas. And I found myself wearing them all day, which I rarely do with shoes, since they often get too hot and constrictive the longer I’m on my feet, (which is a lot.) I didn’t find this to be the case at all with the Hoka One One shoes.

I haven’t been brave enough to wear them on a really long run yet, because my recent 20 miler in the rain didn’t seem to be the time to leave anything up to chance, but I am very confident that they will perform well for my long runs in the very near future.

The Hoka One One shoes come with a “Time To Fly 30-Day Guarentee” and free shipping and returns, so what’s the risk in getting a pair to try for a month? You may find your new favorite running shoes.

Company: Hoka One One  (Find them on Facebook here )

Products & Price: 

Specs (from website):

  • Weight: 6.70 oz
  • Heel-toe drop: 5.00mm

More about Hoka One One:

“While trail runners by night, our day jobs were in gravity sports. We had a hand in several snow sport and cycling innovations and every day we wondered, ‘How do we go faster?’ We answered it with a shoe that was met with ridicule by running shoe establishments, but embraced by runners.”


Thank you to Hoka One One for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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