Kickin’ it in the Topo Magnifly 2

Running is a simple, cheap and inexpensive sport for the most part, especially in comparison to most others. The joy of finding the right pair of shoes that last at least three months and possess attributes that make the hobby better is one of the best feelings. I know most people tend to stick to their favorite brand and even model of shoe once they hit that sweet spot. It’s often fun to surprise yourself by locating a shoe from a different brand with similar features and find that it fits the bill just as well as your go-to pick. The Magnifly 2 from Topo is a lighter shoe designed for the road and the 0-drop design is it’s trademark feature.


 My first, out of the box impression of the shoe was positive. The light weight is a bonus, and I really like the upper. This is a nice deviation from the current trend of full cloth uppers which I think is bad for fitment. The tread looked good, a nice balance of traction and durability without adding too much material.

 After several road runs, I was used to the 0 drop design. I prefer it more on uptempo runs versus slower paces when I am not on my toes as much. Traction is great, and the fitment is snug on the whole foot. They have a wider toe box which does wonders for avoiding blisters. The design also does a good job of keeping the foot warm and dry in less than ideal conditions.

This morning I was able to wear them on the trails just to see how they do. For a self proclaimed road shoe, their performance was stellar. The 0 drop felt more natural to me, and traction was great, even in the mud. I only slid when trying to take corners faster that I honestly should have. My feet were warm and mostly dry, even after 8 miles in temperatures that were close to freezing. I’m so impressed that as of right now they are my number one pick for footwear during the Hagg Mud 25K in February.

This was my first time with a Topo product, and I am very impressed. I got about 40 miles on the shoes with no issues or negative observations. I’m not sure if a 0 drop shoe works as a primary trainer for me, but I will definitely be keeping it in the line up for my tempo runs and trail work. I really enjoyed the stability and control, as well as how predictable the traction was. I’m definitely curious to see how I perform at Hagg Lake with these on my feet.


Products & Price:

  • Specs
    • Stack Height:25mm 
    • Heel to Toe Drop: 0mm
    • Weight: 10 oz.


Thank you to Topo for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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