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Bakline Bag

Bakline’s “If You’re Afraid To Fail” Tote – $25


Bakline, based in Brooklyn, has some surprisingly soft shirts, sturdy bags, and stylish hats that all pull off the perfect mix of sass and smart. While not what you’d consider traditional workout gear, their shirts are so lightweight and soft that you’ll want to wear them beyond your workout. My favorite thing about them is that their messaging is clever and thought-provoking, but it’s never rude.

The tote pictured at right has become my go-to for workouts at my fitness studio, Tone F1tness in Progress Ridge. It’s not quite big enough for a full running kit, but since the sculpt yoga and barre classes I take require bare feet, I can easily fit my capris, a tank top and long-sleeve for afterwards, and my slippers (AKA flip-flops for those non-Hawaiians reading this post). There’s also room for my water bottle, a brush, and my keys and phone. Every time I bring this bag to class, someone stops me so they can read the message on the side, after which they usually remark, “I like that. Where’d you get it?”

I also wear my tank to class a lot (it’s a little cold outside for me to run in right now). Mine looks like Mindy’s (below) but reads, “One day this pain will make sense to you. Love, Speedwork.” This has led to me getting to explain the purpose and benefit of speedwork to a lot of the other women in my classes, but the best thing about this message is that it’s true. With speedwork, you have to put in the work and it may not always be fun, but when you manage to run your fastest mile at the end of a 10k and still feel strong, it’s worth it.


Bakline women’s running tank – $30

My first impression of the One Day, Love 26.2 Women’s Racerback Tank was how soft the material was. I also love the message “One day, this pain will make sense to you. Love 26.2”. Who doesn’t need an inspirational tank, especially when it is geared to one of the most challenging distances I have ever ran. When I first tried the shirt on, I instantly loved the fit. The fit and length was just right for a racerback, it was light weight, not too fitted and very soft. This shirt is perfect for running on hotter days, or even lounging with a zip up sweatshirt on colder days. I even wore it to one of my fitness classes and got so many compliments (definitely got everyone asking what my next race would be…). The back of the tank where the racerback is, is slim enough to accessorize with your sports bra (love how many options/colors and straps there now are for sports bras). And yes, I am one of those runners who cares about how I look/feel when running. This running tank by Bakline, definitely checks off everything on my list when buying a running/ racerback top.


Bakline Structured Twill Hat

The review for the Bakline Structured Twill Hat will be more about the style, rather than a performance review. That being said, I would wear this hat (and have been!) out and about/ running errands/ chasing my toddlers ect. This hat has a very basic design, with a curved bill, athletic shape, and has a silver underviser and will go with just about anything. Being in Portland in the fall, most of my causal wear is skinny jeans, and a flannel top, adding this hat to the mix has been ideal. The hat is fitted and has flex fit on the inside. It is also very comfortable. The sizing runs as the medium being a S/M and a large being a L/XL.

Bakline also has a ton of great casual t-shirts for men and tanks for women. Matt tried out an “Infinity Track” shirt and was impressed with the slim fit, softness (thanks to a 50% polyester / 25% combed ringspun cotton / 25% rayon blend), and a cool design to boot. Definitely check out everything in the Bakline Running Collection.

Infinity Track T-shirt – $32

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Bakline, Inc., is a Brooklyn-based apparel and lifestyle company. Founded in 2008 by brothers Rob Schnabel and Matt Vosburgh, the company produces apparel and accessories inspired by the collision of art, sport, and street culture.

After drawing its initial spark from rugby, Bakline incorporated running into its fold in 2017 with the launch of its first runner-focused athleisure line. Bakline Running performance gear is slated to launch later this year.

Bakline is dedicated to authenticity in engaging with customers, sustainable environmental practices, charitable giving, and community service.

Thank you to Bakline for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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