What Run Oregon is Wearing: Ultimate Sports Bra by SheFit

Removing sports bras after a run is no easy feat. I’ve almost dislocated a shoulder more times than I care to admit and it doesn’t help that I usually wear three at a time, increasing the odds. I don’t want any movement even if it means uni-boob and risk of shoulder impingement. I’ve tried all sorts of sports bras, from Victoria Secret to Moving Comfort and everything in between. Just like every body is different, every sports bra is unique too and most of them have good features, but I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bra. I was thrilled to test out an Ultimate Sports Bra from SheFit and was actually excited for a run to try it out.

The website is a little overwhelming when you are sizing your bra, I want to just order my chest and cup size and call it good, but these require a little more attention. This is a sturdy bra, but since I’m used to wearing multiple layers, that isn’t a big deal at all. They have thin pads if you want to stay smooth when you might take a chill. That isn’t a big concern for me, so right away I removed the modesty padding.The fit was perfect, in part because you can tighten the Velcro straps after you have it on, both above the ribcage and to at the shoulders to maintain lift. I felt stable with one bra, which was exciting in itself, but equally exciting is that it offers a front zipper.

Shefit Adjustments

The only disadvantage with the front zipper is the added lines so if you want a completely smooth front and you’re wearing a tight shirt, this might not be the bra for you. Once the zipper is in place, the tab is covered with fabric keeping it comfortable against the skin and as smooth as possible. It’s gone through the wash several times and still looks and feels great. I hope the Velcro continues to ‘stick’ as it gets more miles.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this find. The material and design are quality and it does the job, with only one bra instead of three. The material is fast drying and doesn’t hold onto odors. With the smoother back, this bra would be ideal for pilates, yoga or any type of fitness class that requires an occasional supine position. These don’t have clasps or hooks that dig into your back, making them a perfect multi-purpose sports bra. Safer for my shoulders and my back is happy without the bounce, I pretty much love this bra.

Company: SheFit

Product: Ultimate Sports Bra ($62)


  • Personalized Support: Supportive fit just the way you’d like it – you decide what’s best.
  • Patented Adjustability: Adjustable rib band and shoulder straps offers custom “always perfect” fit.
  • Stability: Strength, security, and stability that is not achievable with other bras.
  • Support & Shape: Designed to give perfect support with a flattering bust shape.
  • No Bounce: Reduces instability & bounce; 2-inch wide non-stretch rib band won’t expand or roll.
  • Vertical Lift: Non-stretch 1-inch shoulder straps provide lift and customizable support.
  • 2-Way Wear: Choose between X-Back & H-Back™ shoulder strap configuration.
  • Front-Zip: Easy zip in and out; no need to be a contortionist anymore.
  • Performance Wicking: Fabrics pull moisture away from the skin.
  • Removable Pads: Easily remove, or retain for modesty.
  • Set It & Forget It: Adjust the fit based on your activity or desired support.
  • Easy Care: Wash & wear.
  • Fabric: Liner: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex Shell: 100% Polyester Power Mesh: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex

Product Description:

The Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra is a custom adjustable sports bra designed with YOU (and your knockers) in mind. It’s so unique, it has patented adjustability that allows you to set your fit and level of support – it’s your bra, wear it your way! The shoulder straps are even convertible, choose between X-Back (across the back) or H-Back (‘traditional’ over the shoulder). The flexibility of the Ultimate Sports Bra ensures you’ll be comfortable, fully supported, and completely unstoppable – regardless of size or activity level.

Thank you to Shefit for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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