Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Trailfoody’s vegetarian box

Trailfoody has recently expanded their line to include a Gluten Free and a Vegetarian option. Run Oregon has done a review for Trailfoody, but this was before they had these new options, and we were given the opportunity to try the new lines. For those of you who are wondering, what Trailfoody even is, let me explain. Trailfoody is a monthly subscription snack pack, for those on the go. It is especially geared towards those who like to hit the trails, hiking, biking, and any other extreme outdoor activity. Their snacks are made for refueling the body, before, during and after the activity. The items in each pack are organic whenever possible, avoid genetic modified ingredients and avoid artificial ingredients. They believe in “Fueling your body with real food, because Xenofakofoodio doesn’t sound very appetizing“. The snacks come in a very handy pack, perfect for traveling.

There are four different levels available:

  • The Wanderer, $19.95 per month, for 1 person and 1-2 outings per month
  • The Pathfinder $42.95 per month, for 1 person and 3 outings per month
  • The Deuce, $35.95 per month, for 2 people, 1-2 outings per month
  • Family Pack, $36.95+ per month, 1 outing per month.

You can also do a one time version of the Wanderer for $24.95.

The things that are great about Trailfoody is that you can skip a month whenever you need, and you can change and cancel your plan at any time. For my family, we are always on the go. Soccer games, family running sessions, and hiking are some of our favorite past times. That being said, my two boys are always complaining they are hungry (even after consuming a full meal) and wanting a snack. For us, Trailfoody was a great solution! I kept the pack in my car, that way it was always there when I heard those words…”Mom, I am hungry”.

I tried the Wanderer Vegetarian Pack, and these are the items that came with it:

I loved the different options of snacks included. It can be very difficult to find products that are Gluten Free and Vegetarian. It was so convenient to not have to read every label to make sure they were safe to consume. My pack came with items I have never even heard of. My favorite of the pack was the Gorilly Goods Jungle trail mix, while my boys loved the Tram Bites by Kate’s Real Food and the Bare Cinnamon Apple Chips.

I would highly recommend giving Trailfoody a try. With their new line of Gluten Free options and Vegetarian options, there is no reason to not give them a try.

Thank you to Trailfoody for providing us with a sample box. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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