What Run Oregon is Wearing: Feetures! Plantar Fasciitis Relief Socks

Feetures! Is the world leader in running socks and there is good news out there for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis pain. The only sock with the patented Targeted Compresson to provide support for Plantar Fasciitis is here!

Product: Plantar Fasciitis Relief Socks

Company: Feetures!

Price & Where to Buy: $29.99. Order online here or find a store here.

Product Specs (From website):

  • Eases heel and arch pain
  • Targeted Compression lifts, stretches, and stabilizes the plantar fascia and supports the Achilles Tendon
  • Easy to wear socks provide convenient relief

I’ve battled Plantar Fasciitis in one form or another a few times in my life. When I was training for a marathon in May, I found myself at the sports medicine doctor several times for some pretty awful heel pain. Foot pain is a hard thing to ignore as a runner, especially when you start putting in significant mileage and you never have time to rest your feet. So I was excited to hear that Feetures! had designed a pair of socks to address this common running injury.

The Feetures Plantar Fasciitus Relief socks have patented Targeted Compression, and I noticed this as soon as I attempted to put them on. Like compression socks should, they fit snuggly on my feet. The “L” and “R” guides directed me which sock went on which foot and it would be hard to miss it if you got them mixed up, because I could immediately feel the grooves and curves going exactly where they were  intended on the heel and arch of the foot. The socks hugged my feet in all the right places, and the compression felt really good on my problem areas. I sometimes wear sports tape on my feet before a long run, but I know that the tape will be unnecessary with these socks on.

Despite the fact that the socks were tight, they were not in any way uncomfortable. The compression “lifts, stretches, and stabilizes the plantar fascia and supports the achilles tendon.” My toes and feet could still breathe just fine, even in the hot days of summer.  My heels as well as my arches felt supported in a way that I haven’t gotten from any of my other running socks. I wore these all day during a relay in the hot sun and I never thought twice about my feet, which is the highest form of a complement to a runner’s product as I could give.

The Feetures Plantar Fasciitus Relief socks come in white and black in sizes S,M, L, and XL. If you suffer any sort of foot pain, I would highly recommend you get a pair (or two or three!) and give them a try on one of your runs. They also have a lifetime guarantee, so what do you really have to lose?

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