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Run Oregon Bookshelf: Women Who Tri by Alicia DiFabio

Alicia DiFabio’s book, Women Who Tri is so well written I could hardly put it down. She tells the story of how she, a busy mother of four young children, found herself at the starting line of the Mullica Hill Women’s Triathlon ClubQueen of the Hill Triathlon.

In Women Who Tri, Alicia DiFabio explores the triathlon phenomenon, among women, that has swept the nation. She shares her journey into the world of triathlon as she investigates one of the world’s most challenging and inspiring sports. In addition, she shares the stories of women who have overcome challenges to become triathletes and their strength, courage, will and passion to “tri” for themselves and others. I laughed and cried. Women Who Tri will enlighten and inspire you, she filled the pages with inspirational quotes throughout.

Alicia DiFabio begins by sharing the fascinating history of triathlon, statistics and traits on the athletes who love this sport. She shares information and tips on training and even overtraining. She shares touching stories of women from all backgrounds. Their strength, determination and spirit will touch you at your core; heart and soul. As a woman and mother, I found their stories inspiring and uplifting. I was able to read much of the book while traveling to a Triathlon at the coast, and the stories of the many women throughout the book, filled me with strength, courage and a will to persevere, during my event. 

I came away from this book with a new appreciation for fellow triathletes. It’s convenient to assume the triathletes I meet came into triathlon the way I did; For fun, social and athletic reasons, plus the opportunity to compete as an adult. The stories Alicia DiFabio shares in her book show that the sport and the athlete’s stories go much deeper. The stories she shares will touch your heart and leave you inspired to “tri”.

Women Who Tri can be purchased at Amazon.

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Shelly was born and raised in the PNW. A former swimmer, Shelly started running in 2003 when she moved to Portland Oregon. She has run several 5k’s, 10k’s and a few half marathons, but loves triathlons most. Other hobbies include hiking, rock climbing and Pilates. She loves spending time with her family, travel, fitness, health and nutrition and has her degree in nursing. She works as a fitness trainer, wedding and newborn photographer.

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