Fabulous February: Run With Someone Slower Than You


I’m not going to say who is running with someone slower than them, but one of them looks like they’re having more fun than the other one. (Joe Dudman and Billy Strick at the ORRC Blue Lake Runs a few years ago.)

Yesterday’s tip was to run with someone faster than you; today’s is to run with someone slower than you.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Focus on your form. Do your shoulders hunch? Are you nursing an injury? Are you lifting your leg with each step and pushing off, or just shuffling? Slowing down can make it easier to pay attention to your run, according to ChiRunning pioneer Danny Dreyer..
  2. A little LSD (long, slow distance) can be good for you. Log more miles, get some run-specific time on your feet (maybe for some half or full marathon training?), and back off the intensity for once.
  3. Catch-up time. If you’ve got a friend you haven’t seen for a while, and you don’t usually run with because your paces are so different, run with them and get a chance to find out what’s new. They’ll appreciate the company! And it may just be what they need to jump-start their running program after a break.
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