Fabulous February: Water yourself

Planet Zak’s HydraTrak cup is available at Target for about $15.

Here’s a super-easy, start-it-today tip: Drink more water.

Step 1: Get a cup/glass with a lid and straw. You can pick one up at a store like Target; Starbucks has some nice ones too. I got mine from a previous job. I suggest getting one that’s at least 20 ounces. The lid is key so you won’t spill on your keyboard!

Step 2: When you get to work/school, fill it up first thing and then don’t drink anything else until you’ve drank all the water in the cup.

Making it a first-thing habit is key, because if you start your day off feeling better and having more energy, you’re more likely to make good choices throughout the day! Drinking water can also help you avoid that “I’m hungry” feeling when really, you’re not. (If you’re not sure if you’re hungry or thirsty, think about an apple. If you think you could eat the whole thing right now, you could probably use a snack.)

That’s it! Feel Fabulous this February!

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