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Beef jerky hasn’t always been high on my list of favorite snacks, but I’ve come to really appreciate it during outdoor activities and running, as an easy, nutritious, light-weight snack. People’s Choice Beef Jerky comes in a variety of flavors both in the Old Fashioned line as well as the Carne Seca line, “inspired by the diverse culinary tradition of Downtown Los Angeles.” The “Tasting Kitchen” flavors are a small batch production for limited time. I received Sriracha flavor, and I currently see Teriyaki flavor on the website.

The taste of the jerky is great, and not overly salty. Its consistency is a little bit drier than some other brands I have tried, but being dry will make it shelf-safe for longer. There are also spicy varieties, both in Old Fashioned and Carne Seca flavors, and the chili adds depth to the flavor without being too overwhelming. In addition to the excellent flavors, I like the fact that the jerky is made following an old fashioned recipe with minimal processing.

Company: People’s Choice

  • Old Fashioned Original
  • Old Fashioned Hot and Spicy
  • Carne Seca
  • Carne Seca Limon
  • Carne Seca Limon con Chili
  • Carne Machaca
  • Tasting Kitchen Sriracha

Price: $6 for a 2.5 oz pouch (or $24 for 16 oz) at People’s Choice website or Amazon
Jerky Boxes available at varying prices

More about People’s Choice Beef Jerky:

We take great pride in our [production] process. It is testament to our tradition. We have purposely retained the handmade element in each step of our process. It is our way of preserving tradition, remembering our history, and ensuring the highest quality product. Simply put, things are done better by hand.

The Old Fashioned line hasn’t changed much in the last 85 years. An old family recipe, dating back to the 1920s, has been updated with all natural ingredients and a simplified process to create a product that celebrates the BEEF in beef jerky. That’s what real beef jerky is about!

Thank you to People’s Choice for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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